Please join in the discussion of the hacker curriculum!

Please feel free to contribute your stories, including but not limited to:

  • Teachers: success stories of teaching hacking topics in academia
  • Hackers: what you did and did not learn in CS programs, and would you would have liked to learn.
  • Security professionals: what you learned at hacker conferences or from hacker sources.

We are also looking for stories of personal "culture shock" that improved your understanding of the internals or implications of a technology.

To contribute, please create a free account at and e-mail us your account name to join the forum. Even though Wikidot recommends using real names for accounts, we take the view that putting personal data online should be discouraged. Please feel free to share your story anonymously.

News Articles of General Interest

A section on noteworthy articles about how hackers becomes hackers. May contain some media sensationalism, and we certainly don't condone or encourage any alleged mischief or misconduct described in these stories. But this is a place for collecting links about how people begin to question trust assumptions.

[Marc Maiffret--the quick rise of a teen hacker (Q&A)] - Elinor Mills
[Boy, 9, accused of hacking into Fairfax schools' computer system] - Tom Jackman

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