{'current-website': '', 'conferencename': 'DefCon', 'held-history': [{'website': '', 'dates': 'August 4 - August 7', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'State': 'Nevada', 'Hotel': 'Rio', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 2011, 'panels': [{'panelists': ['Jake Kouns', 'Brian Martin', 'Steve Christey', 'Carsten Eiram', 'Art Manion', 'Dan Holden', 'Alex Hutton', 'Katie Moussouris'], 'title': 'Panel: Is it 0-day or 0-care?'}], 'number': 19, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['Abstract'], 'title': 'When Space Elephants Attack: A DEFCON Challenge for Database Geeks'}, {'presenters': ['Chema Alonso', 'Juan Garrido "Silverhack"'], 'title': 'Bosses love Excel, Hackers too.'}, {'presenters': ['Chema Alonso', 'Juan Garrido "Silverhack"'], 'title': 'Dust: Your Feed RSS Belongs To You! Avoid Censorship!'}, {'presenters': ['Sterling Archer', 'Freaksworth'], 'title': 'IP4 TRUTH: The IPocalypse is a LIE'}, {'presenters': ['James "Myrcurial" Arlen'], 'title': 'Security When Nano Seconds Count'}, {'presenters': ['Mike Arpaia', 'Ted Reed'], 'title': 'Beat to 1337: Creating A Successful University Cyber Defense Organization'}, {'presenters': ['Adam Baldwin'], 'title': 'Pillaging DVCS Repos For Fun And Profit'}, {'presenters': ['Andrea Barisani', 'Adam Laurie', 'Zac Franken', 'Daniele Bianco'], 'title': 'Chip & PIN is Definitely Broken'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce "Grymoire" Barnett'], 'title': 'Deceptive Hacking: How Misdirection Can Be Used To Steal Information Without Being Detected'}, {'presenters': ['Olivier Bilodeau'], 'title': u'Fingerbank \u2014 Open DHCP Fingerprints Database'}, {'presenters': ['Olivier Bilodeau'], 'title': "PacketFence, The Open Source Nac: What We've Done In The Last Two Years"}, {'presenter': ['Emmanuel Bouillon'], 'title': 'Federation and Empire'}, {'presenters': ['Sam Bowne'], 'title': 'Three Generations of DoS Attacks (with Audience Participation, as Victims)'}, {'presenters': ['David M. N. Bryan', 'Luiz Eduardo'], 'title': 'Building The DEF CON Network, Making A Sandbox For 10,000 Hackers'}, {'presenters': ['Jeff Bryner'], 'title': 'Kinectasploit: Metasploit Meets Kinect'}, {'presenters': ['Jamie Butler'], 'title': 'Physical Memory Forensics for Cache'}, {'presenters': ['Marcus J. Carey', 'David Rude', 'Will Vandevanter'], 'title': 'Metasploit vSploit Modules'}, {'presenter': ['George Chamales'], 'title': 'Lives On The Line: Securing Crisis Maps In Libya, Sudan, And Pakistan'}, {'presenters': ['Ming Chow'], 'title': 'Abusing HTML5'}, {'presenters': ['Sandy "Mouse" Clark', 'Brad "RenderMan" Haines'], 'title': 'Familiarity Breeds Contempt'}, {'presenters': ['Tyler Cohen'], 'title': 'Look At What My Car Can Do'}, {'presenters': ['Kees Cook'], 'title': 'Kernel Exploitation Via Uninitialized Stack'}, {'presenters': ['Greg Conti'], 'title': 'The Art and Science of Security Research'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Craig'], 'title': 'Internet Kiosk Terminals : The Redux'}, {'presenters': ['Adrian Crenshaw "Irongeek"'], 'title': 'Cipherspaces/Darknets: An Overview Of Attack Strategies'}, {'presenters': ['Daniel Crowley'], 'title': 'Speaking with Cryptographic Oracles'}, {'presenters': ['Phil Cryer'], 'title': "Taking Your Ball And Going Home; Building Your Own Secure Storage Space That Mirrors Dropbox's Functionality"}, {'presenters': ['Jack Daniel', 'James Arlen', 'Joshua Corman', 'Alex Hutton', 'Martin McKeay', 'Dave Shackleford'], 'title': 'PCI 2.0: Still Compromising Controls and Compromising Security'}, {'presenters': ['Dark Tangent', 'Rod Beckstrom', 'Jerry Dixon Team', 'Tony Sager', 'Linton Wells'], 'title': 'Former Keynotes - The Future'}, {'presenters': ['datagram'], 'title': 'Introduction to Tamper Evident Devices'}, {'presenters': ['Ganesh Devarajan', 'Don LeBert'], 'title': u'VDLDS \u2014 All Your Voice Are Belong To Us'}, {'presenters': ['Deviant Ollam'], 'title': 'Safe to Armed in Seconds: A Study of Epic Fails of Popular Gun Safes'}, {'presenters': ['Artem Dinaburg'], 'title': 'Bit-squatting: DNS Hijacking Without Exploitation'}, {'presenters': ['Alva "Skip" Duckwall'], 'title': 'A Bridge Too Far: Defeating Wired 802.1x with a Transparent Bridge Using Linux'}, {'presenters': ['Nelson Elhage'], 'title': 'Virtualization under attack: Breaking out of KVM'}, {'presenters': ['Tim Elrod', 'Stefan Morris'], 'title': 'I Am Not a Doctor but I Play One on Your Network'}, {'presenters': ['Patrick Engebretson', 'Josh Pauli'], 'title': "Mamma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Pen Testers - (a.k.a. Everything Your Guidance Counselor Forgot to Tell You About Pen Testing)"}, {'presenters': ['eskimo'], 'title': 'Steganography and Cryptography 101'}, {'presenters': ['Tom Eston Senior Security Consultant', 'Josh Abraham Senior Security Consultant', 'Kevin Johnson'], 'title': "Don't Drop the SOAP: Real World Web Service Testing for Web Hackers"}, {'presenters': ['Ben Feinstein', 'Jeff Jarmoc'], 'title': '"Get Off of My Cloud": Cloud Credential Compromise and Exposure'}, {'presenters': ['Foofus'], 'title': 'Handicapping the US Supreme Court: Can We Get Rich by Forceful Browsing?'}, {'presenters': ['Gus Fritschie', 'Mike Wright'], 'title': 'Getting F***** On the River'}, {'presenters': ['Eric Fulton'], 'title': 'Cellular Privacy: A Forensic Analysis of Android Network Traffic'}, {'presenters': ['Daniel Garcia'], 'title': 'UPnP Mapping'}, {'presenters': ['Andrew Gavin'], 'title': 'Gone in 60 Minutes: Stealing Sensitive Data from Thousands of Systems Simultaneously with OpenDLP'}, {'presenters': ['Kenneth Geers'], 'title': 'Strategic Cyber Security: An Evaluation of Nation-State Cyber Attack Mitigation Strategies'}, {'presenters': ['Ramon Gomez'], 'title': 'Bulletproofing The Cloud: Are We Any Closer To Security?'}, {'presenters': ['Vlad Gostom', 'Joshua Marpet'], 'title': 'Smile for the Grenade! "Camera Go Bang!"'}, {'presenters': ['Anch', 'blakdayz', 'Anarchy Angel', 'ngharo', 'Itzik Kotler', 'Jake "GenericSuperhero"', 'converge'], 'title': 'Represent! Defcon Groups, Hackerspaces, and You.'}, {'presenters': ['Nathan Hamiel', 'Gregory Fleischer', 'Justin Engler', 'Seth Law'], 'title': 'Smartfuzzing The Web: Carpe Vestra Foramina'}, {'presenters': ['Rob Havelt', 'Wendel Guglielmetti Henrique'], 'title': 'Earth vs. The Giant Spider: Amazingly True Stories of Real Penetration Tests'}, {'presenters': ['Deral Heiland'], 'title': 'From Printer To Pwnd: Leveraging Multifunction Printers During Penetration Testing'}, {'presenters': ['Thomas J. Holt', 'Max Kilger'], 'title': 'Assessing Civilian Willingness to Participate in On-Line Political and Social Conflict'}, {'presenters': ['Rick Howard'], 'title': "An Insider's Look at International Cyber Security Threats and Trends"}, {'presenters': ['Robert "Hackajar" Imhoff-Dousharm'], 'title': 'Economics of Password Cracking in the GPU Era'}, {'presenters': ['Aseem "@" Jakhar'], 'title': u'Jugaad \u2013 Linux Thread Injection Kit'}, {'presenters': ['Matt "openfly" Joyce'], 'title': 'The Art of Trolling'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Kaminsky'], 'title': 'Black Ops of TCP/IP 2011'}, {'presenters': ['Dave Kennedy (ReL1K)'], 'title': 'Hacking Your Victims Over Power Lines'}, {'presenters': ['Brian Kennish'], 'title': 'Tracking the Trackers: How Our Browsing History Is Leaking into the Cloud'}, {'presenters': ['Alexander Kornbrust'], 'title': 'Hacking and Securing DB2 LUW Databases'}, {'presenters': ['Itzik Kotler', 'Iftach Ian Amit'], 'title': 'Sounds Like Botnet'}, {'presenters': ['Matt Krick "DCFluX"'], 'title': 'DCFluX in: License to Transmit'}, {'presenters': ['Anthony Lai', 'Benson Wu', 'Jeremy Chiu', 'PK'], 'title': u'Balancing The Pwn Trade Deficit \u2013 APT Secrets in Asia'}, {'presenters': ['Shane Lawson', 'Bruce Potter', 'Deviant Ollam'], 'title': "And That's How I Lost My Eye: Exploring Emergency Data Destruction"}, {'presenters': ['Grayson Lenik'], 'title': "I'm Your MAC(b)Daddy"}, {'presenters': ['Katy Levinson'], 'title': "Don't Fix It In Software"}, {'presenters': ['Ryan Linn'], 'title': 'PIG: Finding Truffles Without Leaving A Trace'}, {'presenters': ['William Manning'], 'title': 'Pervasive Cloaking'}, {'presenters': ['Moxie Marlinspike'], 'title': 'SSL And The Future Of Authenticity'}, {'presenters': ['Jon McCoy'], 'title': 'Hacking .Net Applications: The Black Arts'}, {'presenters': ['Wesley McGrew'], 'title': 'Covert Post-Exploitation Forensics With Metasploit'}, {'presenters': ['John McNabb'], 'title': 'Vulnerabilities of Wireless Water Meter Networks'}, {'presenters': ['Charlie Miller'], 'title': 'Battery Firmware Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['David Mortman', 'Rich Mogull', 'Chris Hoff', 'Dave Maynor', 'Larry Pesce', 'James Arlen', 'Rob Graham'], 'title': 'DEF CON Comedy Jam IV, A New Hope For The Fail Whale'}, {'presenters': ['Steve Ocepek'], 'title': 'Blinkie Lights: Network Monitoring with Arduino'}, {'presenters': ['Kurt Opsahl', 'Kevin Bankston', 'Marcia Hofmann', 'Hanni Fakhoury', 'Peter Eckersley', 'Rebecca Reagan'], 'title': 'Ask EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties'}, {'presenters': ['Kyle "Kos" Osborn', 'Matt Johanson'], 'title': 'Hacking Google Chrome OS'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Ostrom'], 'title': 'VoIP Hopping the Hotel: Attacking the Crown Jewels through VoIP'}, {'presenters': ['Nicole Ozer'], 'title': 'Big Brother on the Big Screen: Fact/Fiction?'}, {'presenters': ['Nicholas J. Percoco', 'Paul Kehrer'], 'title': 'Getting SSLizzard'}, {'presenters': ['Nicholas J. Percoco', 'Jibran Ilyas'], 'title': "Malware Freak Show 3: They're pwning er'body out there!"}, {'presenters': ['Nicholas J. Percoco', 'Sean Schulte'], 'title': "This is REALLY not the droid you're looking for..."}, {'presenters': ['Josh Phillips'], 'title': 'Hacking MMORPGs for Fun and Mostly Profit'}, {'presenters': ['Gregory Pickett'], 'title': 'Port Scanning Without Sending Packets'}, {'presenters': ['Jason M. Pittman'], 'title': u'My password is: #FullOfFail! \u2014 The Core Problem with Authentication and How We Can Overcome It'}, {'presenters': ['Mahmud Ab Rahman'], 'title': 'Sneaky PDF'}, {'presenters': ['Semon Rezchikov', 'Morgan Wang', 'Joshua Engelman'], 'title': "Why Airport Security Can't Be Done FAST"}, {'presenters': ['Paul Roberts', 'Aaron Barr', 'Joshua Corman', 'Jericho'], 'title': '"Whoever Fights Monsters..." Aaron Barr, Anonymous, and Ourselves'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Robinson'], 'title': 'What Time Are You Anyway?'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Rosenberg'], 'title': 'Owned Over Amateur Radio: Remote Kernel Exploitation in 2011'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Scarito'], 'title': 'Build your own Synthetic Aperture Radar'}, {'presenters': ['Michael "theprez98" Schearer', 'Abigail Phillips', 'Deborah Salons', 'Todd Kimball'], 'title': 'Net Neutrality Panel'}, {'presenters': ['Michael "theprez98" Schearer'], 'title': 'WTF Happened to the Constitution?! The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Scott'], 'title': 'Archive Team: A Distributed Preservation of Service Attack'}, {'presenters': ['Justin Searle'], 'title': 'Attacking and Defending the Smart Grid'}, {'presenters': ['Jimmy Shah'], 'title': 'Mobile App Moolah: Profit taking with Mobile Malware'}, {'presenters': ['Shrdlu'], 'title': "Are You In Yet? The CISO's View of Pentesting"}, {'presenters': ['Skunkworks'], 'title': 'Hacking the Global Economy with GPUs or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bitcoin'}, {'presenters': ['Reeves Smith'], 'title': 'How Haunters Void Warranties'}, {'presenters': ['John J. Strauchs', 'Tiffany Rad', 'Teague Newman', 'Dora The SCADA Explorer'], 'title': 'SCADA & PLCs in Correctional Facilities: The Nightmare Before Christmas'}, {'presenters': ['Jayson E. Street'], 'title': 'Steal Everything, Kill Everyone, Cause Total Financial Ruin! (Or How I Walked In And Misbehaved)'}, {'presenters': ['Chris "TheSuggmeister" Sumner', 'alien', 'Alison B'], 'title': 'Weaponizing Cyberpsychology and Subverting Cybervetting for Fun, Profit and Subterfuge'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Sutherland'], 'title': 'How To Get Your Message Out When Your Government Turns Off The Internet'}, {'presenters': ['Martin Holst Swende', 'Patrik Karlsson'], 'title': 'Web Application Analysis With Owasp Hatkit'}, {'presenters': ['Mike Tassey', 'Rich Perkins'], 'title': 'Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform'}, {'presenters': ['Richard Thieme'], 'title': 'Staring into the Abyss: The Dark Side of Crime-fighting, Security, and Professional Intelligence'}, {'presenters': ['Marc Weber Tobias', 'Matt Fiddler', 'Tobias Bluzmanis'], 'title': 'Insecurity: An Analysis Of Current Commercial And Government Security Lock Designs'}, {'presenters': ['Schuyler Towne'], 'title': 'DIY Non-Destructive Entry'}, {'presenters': ['Marketa Trimble'], 'title': 'The Future of Cybertravel: Legal Implications of the Evasion of Geolocation'}, {'presenters': ['Shawn Webb'], 'title': 'Runtime Process Insemination'}, {'presenters': ["Matt 'scriptjunkie' Weeks"], 'title': 'Network Nightmare: Ruling The Nightlife Between Shutdown And Boot With Pxesploit'}, {'presenters': ["Yekaterina Tsipenyuk O''Neil", 'Erika Chin'], 'title': 'Seven Ways to Hang Yourself with Google Android'}, {'presenters': ['Jos Weyers'], 'title': 'Key Impressioning'}, {'presenters': ['Thomas Wilhelm'], 'title': 'Staying Connected during a Revolution or Disaster'}, {'presenters': ['Andrew Wilson', 'Michael Brooks'], 'title': 'Traps of Gold'}, {'presenters': ['Brad Woodberg'], 'title': 'Network Application Firewalls: Exploits and Defense'}, {'presenters': ['Joey Zhu'], 'title': 'Phishing and Online Scam in China'}, {'presenters': ['Zoz', 'Andrea Bianchi'], 'title': 'Vanquishing Voyeurs: Secure Ways To Authenticate Insecurely'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'July 30 - August 1', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Rivera Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 2010, 'panels': [{'presenters': ['Jeffrey Carr', 'Robert Knake', 'Joseph Menn', 'Robert Vamosi'], 'title': 'Panel: Of Bytes and Bullets'}, {'presenters': ['Rod Beckstrom', 'Dan Kaminsky', 'Paul Mockapetris', 'Ken Silva', 'Mark Weatherford'], 'title': 'Panel:DNS Systemic Vulnerabilities and Risk Management: A Discussion with the Experts'}, {'presenters': ['James Arlen', 'James Costello', 'Leigh Honeywell', 'Tim Krabec', 'Tiffany Rad'], 'title': 'Panel: Hacking The Future: Weaponizing the Next Generation'}, {'presenters': ['Marcus Sachs', 'Kenneth Geers', 'Dan Kaminsky', 'Andrew Fried', 'Paul Vixie', 'John Bumgarner', 'Daniel Uriah Clemens', 'John Ives'], 'title': 'Panel: Internet Wars'}, {'presenters': ['Kevin Bankston', 'Eva Galperin', 'Jennifer Granick', 'Marcia Hofmann', 'Kurt Opsahl'], 'title': 'Meet the EFF'}, {'presenters': ['Adam', 'CP', 'Frank^2', 'Jeffball', 'Merlin', 'Vyrus'], 'title': 'oCTF: 5 years in 50 minutes'}, {'presenters': ['Jim Christy', 'Mike Convertino', 'Jerry Dixon', 'John Garris', 'Barry Grundy', 'Bob Hopper', 'Ken Privette', 'Tom Talleur', 'Trent Teyema'], 'title': 'Meet the Feds - CSI:TCP/IP'}, {'presenters': ['Mike Convertino', 'Jerry Dixon', 'Andy Fried', 'Jon Iadonisi', 'Kevin Manson', 'Rich Marshall', 'Marcus Sachs', 'Roberta Stempfley', 'Randy Vickers', 'Lin Wells', 'Amit Yoran'], 'title': 'Meet the Feds - Policy, Privacy, Deterrence and Cyber War'}, {'presenters': ['Jack Daniel', 'Joshua Corman', 'Dave Shackleford', 'Anton Chuvakin', 'Martin McKeay', 'Alex Hutton', 'James Arlen'], 'title': 'PCI, Compromising Controls and Compromising Security'}], 'number': 18, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['Chema Alonso', u'Jos\xe9 Palaz\xf3n "Palako"'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'FOCA2: The FOCA Strikes Back'}, {'presenters': ['Chema Alonso', u'Jos\xe9 Palaz\xf3n "Palako"'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Connection String Parameter Attacks'}, {'presenters': ['Md Sohail Ahmad'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Expolit', 'Tool'], 'title': 'WPA Too!'}, {'presenters': ['Francisco Amato', 'Federico Kirschbaum'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Evilgrade, "You Still Have Pending Upgrades?"'}, {'presenters': ['Iftach Ian Amit'], 'title': 'Cyber[Crime | War] Charting Dangerous Waters'}, {'presenters': ['James Arlen'], 'title': 'SCADA and ICS for Security Experts: How to avoid Cyberdouchery'}, {'presenters': ['Itzhak "Zuk" Avraham'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Exploitation on ARM - Technique and Bypassing Defense Mechanisms'}, {'presenters': ['Mike "mckt" Bailey'], 'title': "Web Services We Just Don't Need"}, {'presenters': ['Marco Bonetti'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Mobile Privacy: Tor on the iPhone and Other Unusual Devices'}, {'presenters': ['Sam Bowne'], 'title': 'Who Cares About IPv6?'}, {'presenters': ['Frank Breedijk'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Seccubus -- Analyzing vulnerability assessment data the easy way...'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Brooks'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'masSEXploitation'}, {'presenters': ['Dennis Brown'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Resilient Botnet Command and Control with Tor'}, {'presenters': ['Dennis Brown'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Exploit', 'Tool'], 'title': 'How Hackers Won the Zombie Apocalypse'}, {'presenters': ['Jeremy Brown'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Exploiting SCADA Systems'}, {'presenters': ['David "VideoMan" M. N. Bryan', 'Michael Anderson'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Cloud Computing, a Weapon of Mass Destruction?'}, {'presenters': ['David "VideoMan" M. N. Bryan', 'Jared Bird'], 'title': 'The keys to running a successful Def con Group by DC612'}, {'presenters': ['Jeff Bryner'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Google Toolbar: The NARC Within'}, {'presenters': ['Daniel Burroughs'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Open Public Sensors and Trend Monitoring'}, {'presenters': ['Elie Bursztein', 'Baptiste Gourdin', 'Gustav Rydstedt'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'Bad Memories'}, {'presenters': ['Elie Bursztein', 'Jocelyn Lagarenne', 'Dan Boneh'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Kartograph : Finding a Needle in a Haystack or How to Apply Reverse Engineering Techniques to Cheat at Video Games'}, {'presenters': ['Cesar Cerrudo'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'EXPLOIT'], 'title': "Token Kidnapping's Revenge"}, {'presenters': ['John A. Colley'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'WRT54-TM, Media Center and Network Sniffer'}, {'presenters': ['Chris Conley'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Hacking Facebook Privacy'}, {'presenters': ['Greg Conti'], 'title': 'Our Instrumented Lives:  Sensors, Sensors, Everywhere...'}, {'presenters': ['Adrian Crenshaw'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Programmable HID USB Keystroke Dongle: Using the Teensy as a pen testing device'}, {'presenters': ['John Curran'], 'title': 'IPv6: No Longer Optional'}, {'presenters': ['Joe Damato'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Function Hooking for Mac OSX and Linux'}, {'presenters': ['Decius'], 'title': 'Exploiting Internet Surveillance Systems'}, {'presenters': ['A.P. Delchi'], 'title': "Physical Security : You're Doing It Wrong!"}, {'presenters': ['TOOOL'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'The Search for Perfect Handcuffs... and the Perfect Handcuff Key'}, {'presenters': ['JP Dunning'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Katana: Portable Multi-Boot Security Suite'}, {'presenters': ['JP Dunning'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'Breaking Bluetooth By Being Bored'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Eckersley', 'Jesse Burns'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'An Observatory for the SSLiverse'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Eckersley'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'How Unique Is Your Browser?'}, {'presenters': ['Luiz "effffn" Eduardo'], 'title': 'Your Boss is a Douchebag... How About You?'}, {'presenters': ['Monta Elkins'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'Hacking with Hardware: Introducing the Universal RF USB Keyboard Emulation Device - URFUKED'}, {'presenters': ['Marisa Fagan'], 'title': 'Be A Mentor!'}, {'presenters': [u'Esteban Mart\xednez Fay\xf3'], 'title': 'Hacking and Protecting Oracle Database Vault'}, {'presenters': ['frank^2'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Trolling Reverse-Engineers with Math: Ness... It hurts...'}, {'presenters': ['Jimi Fiekert'], 'title': 'The Anatomy of Drug Testing'}, {'presenters': ['Joe "Crazy" Foley', 'Eric "Unlocked" Schmiedl', 'Zoz'], 'title': 'Exploitable Assumptions Workshop'}, {'presenters': ['Fyodor', 'David Fifield'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Mastering the Nmap Scripting Engine'}, {'presenters': ['Kenneth Geers'], 'title': 'Live Fire Exercise: Baltic Cyber Shield 2010'}, {'presenters': ['Joe "Kingpin" Grand'], 'title': 'Making the DEF CON 18 Badge'}, {'presenters': ['Jennifer Granick', 'Matt Zimmerman'], 'title': 'Legal Developments in Hardware Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Jennifer Granick', 'Kevin Bankston', 'Marcia Hofmann', 'Kurt Opsahl'], 'title': 'The Law of Laptop Search and Seizure'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Haas'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Advanced Format String Attacks'}, {'presenters': ['G. Mark Hardy'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Tales from the Crypto'}, {'presenters': ['Nathan Hamiel', 'Marcin Wielgoszewski'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Constricting the Web: Offensive Python for Web Hackers'}, {'presenters': ['Craig Heffner'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'How to Hack Millions of Routers'}, {'presenters': ['Sho Ho'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'FOE -- The Release of Feed Over Email, a Solution to Feed Controversial News to Censored Countries'}, {'presenters': ['Marcia Hofmann'], 'title': 'How To Get Your FBI File (and Other Information You Want From the Federal Government)'}, {'presenters': ['HONEY'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'Ripping Media Off Of the Wire'}, {'presenters': ['Leigh Honeywell', 'Follower'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Physical Computing, Virtual Security: Adding the Arduino Microcontroller Development Environment to Your Security Toolbox'}, {'presenters': ['Chad Houck', 'Jason Lee'], 'defcontype': 'EXPLOIT', 'title': 'Decoding reCAPTCHA'}, {'presenters': ['Wayne Huang', 'Kuon'], 'title': 'NoSQL == No SQL injections?'}, {'presenters': ['Wayne Huang'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Expolit', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Drivesploit: Circumventing Both Automated AND Manual Drive-By-Download Detection'}, {'presenters': ['Wayne Huang', 'Jeremy Chiu'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': '0box Analyzer: AfterDark Runtime Forensics for Automated Malware Analysis and Clustering'}, {'presenters': ['Oren Isacson', 'Alfredo Ortega'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT'], 'title': 'Exploiting Digital Cameras'}, {'presenters': ['Barnaby Jack'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT'], 'title': 'Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines Redux'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Kaminsky'], 'title': 'Black Ops Of Fundamental Defense: Web Edition'}, {'presenters': ['Samy Kamkar'], 'defcontype': 'EXPLOIT/TOOL', 'title': 'How I Met Your Girlfriend'}, {'presenters': ['David Kennedy (ReL1K)', 'Josh Kelley (Winfang)'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'Powershell...omfg'}, {'presenters': ['Max Kelly'], 'title': 'Perspectives on Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare'}, {'presenters': ['Dr. Fouad Kiamilev', "Corey 'c0re' Lange", "Stephen 'afterburn' Janansky"], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Hardware Black Magic: Designing Printed Circuit Boards'}, {'presenters': ['Ki-Chan Ahn', 'Dong-Joo Ha'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'Malware Migrating to Gaming Consoles: Embedded Devices, an AntiVirus-free Safe Hideout for Malware'}, {'presenters': ['Dave King'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Hardware Hacking for Software Guys'}, {'presenters': ['Andrew Kongs', 'Dr. Gerald Kane'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Training the Next Generation of Hardware Hackers -- Teaching Computer Organization and Assembly Language Hands-on with Embedded Systems'}, {'presenters': ['Matt "DCFluX" Krick'], 'title': 'DCFluX in: Moon-bouncer'}, {'presenters': ['Tyler Krpata'], 'defcontype': 'TOOL', 'title': 'Like a Boss: Attacking JBoss'}, {'presenters': ['Righter Kunkel'], 'defcontype': 'EXPLOIT', 'title': 'Air Traffic Control Insecurity 2.0'}, {'presenters': ['Anthony Lai', 'Jake Appelbaum', 'Jon Oberheide'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'The Power of Chinese Security'}, {'presenters': ['Jonathan Lee', 'Neil Pahl'], 'title': 'Bypassing Smart-card Authentication and Blocking Debiting:  Vulnerabilities in Atmel Cryptomemory-based Stored-value Systems'}, {'presenters': ['Felix "FX" Lindner'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'Blitzableiter - the Release'}, {'presenters': ['Anthony Lineberry', 'David Richardson, Sr.', 'Tim Wyatt'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT'], 'title': "These Aren't the Permissions You're Looking For"}, {'presenters': ['Ryan Linn'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Multiplayer Metasploit: Tag-Team Penetration and Information Gathering'}, {'presenters': ['Matias Madou', 'Jacob West'], 'title': 'Repelling the Wily Insider'}, {'presenters': ['Kevin Mahaffey', 'John Hering'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT'], 'title': 'App Attack: Surviving the Mobile Application Explosion'}, {'presenters': ['Moxie Marlinspike'], 'title': 'Changing Threats To Privacy: From TIA To Google'}, {'presenters': ['Joshua Marpet'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Facial Recognition: Facts, Fiction, and Fsck-ups'}, {'presenters': ['Dave Maynor', 'Dr. Paul Judge'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': "Searching for Malware:  A Review of Attackers' Use of Search Engines to Lure Victims"}, {'presenters': ['Jon McCoy'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'Hacking .NET Applications at Runtime: A Dynamic Attack'}, {'presenters': ['Joseph McCray'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'You Spent All That Money And You Still Got Owned...'}, {'presenters': ['', 'ryd', 'no_maam', 'vyrus'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'A ChaosVPN for Playing Capture The Flag'}, {'presenters': ['John McNabb'], 'title': 'Cyberterrorism and the Security of the National Drinking Water Infrastructure'}, {'presenters': ['Shawn Merdinger'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT'], 'title': "We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges: Hacking Electronic Door Access Controllers"}, {'presenters': ['metr0'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': "Securing MMOs: A Security Professional's View From the Inside"}, {'presenters': ['Mike Metzger'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Letting the Air Out of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems'}, {'presenters': ['Charlie Miller'], 'title': 'Kim Jong-il and Me: How to Build a Cyber Army to Defeat the U.S.'}, {'presenters': ['Doug Mohney'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'HD Voice - The Overdue Revolution'}, {'presenters': ['Justin Morehouse', 'Tony Flick'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Getting Social with the Smart Grid'}, {'presenters': ['David Mortman', 'Rich Mogull', 'Chris Hoff', 'Rob Graham', 'Erratta', 'Dave Maynor', 'Larry Pesce'], 'title': 'Defcon Security Jam III: Now in 3-D?'}, {'presenters': ['Shawn Moyer', 'Nathan Keltner'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'Wardriving the Smart Grid: Practical Approaches to Attacking Utility Packet Radios'}, {'presenters': ['Patrick Mullen', 'Ryan Pentney'], 'defcontype': 'TOOL', 'title': 'Open Source Framework for Advanced Intrusion Detection Solutions'}, {'presenters': ['Brandon Nesbit'], 'title': 'The Games We Play'}, {'presenters': ['Lang Nguyen'], 'defcontype': 'TOOL', 'title': 'FPGA Bitstream Reverse Engineering'}, {'presenters': ['Jon Oberheide'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'Antique Exploitation (aka Terminator 3: Point One One for Workgroups)'}, {'presenters': ['Jeongwook Oh'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'ExploitSpotting: Locating Vulnerabilities Out Of Vendor Patches Automatically'}, {'presenters': ['TW "Mage2" Otto'], 'title': 'Electronic Weaponry or How to Rule the World While Shopping at Radio Shack'}, {'presenters': ['Nicole Ozer', 'Kevin Bankston'], 'title': 'Big Brother on the Big Screen:  Fact/Fiction?'}, {'presenters': ['Chris Paget'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Expolit', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Practical Cellphone Spying'}, {'presenters': ['Chris Paget'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Extreme-range RFID Tracking'}, {'presenters': ['Garry Pejski'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'My Life As A Spyware Developer'}, {'presenters': ['Nicholas J. Percoco', 'Christian Papathanasiou'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': '"This is not the droid you\'re looking for..."'}, {'presenters': ['Nicholas J. Percoco', 'Jibran -'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Malware Freak Show 2: The Client-Side Boogaloo'}, {'presenters': ['Pierce', 'Goldy', 'aSmig'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'WiMAX Hacking 2010'}, {'presenters': ['Christopher E. Pogue A.K.A "Big Poppa ReverShell"'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Sniper Forensics - One Shot, One Kill'}, {'presenters': ['Wade Polk', 'Paul Malkewicz', 'J.Novak'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Industrial Cyber Security'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Potter', 'Logan Lodge'], 'defcontype': 'TOOL', 'title': '"This Needs to be Fixed" and Other Jokes in Commit Statements'}, {'presenters': ['Adam Pridgen', 'Matthew Wollenweber'], 'defcontype': 'TOOL', 'title': 'Toolsmithing an IDA Bridge, Case Study For Building A Reverse Engineering Tool'}, {'presenters': ['Josh Pyorre', 'Chris McKenney'], 'title': 'Build Your Own Security Operations Center for Little or No Money'}, {'presenters': ['Nguyen Anh Quynh'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Operating System Fingerprinting for Virtual Machines'}, {'presenters': ['Rob Ragan', 'Francis Brown'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Lord of the Bing: Taking Back Search Engine Hacking from Google and Bing'}, {'presenters': ['Rain', 'j03b34r'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Build a Lie Detector/Beat a Lie Detector'}, {'presenters': ['Jim Rennie', 'Eric Rachner'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Search & Seizure & Golfballs  s'}, {'presenters': ['Riley Repko'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'Enough Cyber Talk Already! Help get this Collaboration Engine Running!'}, {'presenters': ['Matt Ryanczak'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': 'Implementing IPv6 at ARIN'}, {'presenters': ['Ed Schaller'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT/TOOL'], 'title': "Exploiting WebSphere Application Server's JSP Engine"}, {'presenters': ['Michael "theprez98" Schearer'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'SHODAN for Penetration Testers'}, {'presenters': ['Ferdinand Schober'], 'title': 'Gaming in the Glass Safe - Games DRM & Privacy'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Scott'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Exploit', 'Tool'], 'title': "You're Stealing It Wrong! 30 Years of Inter-Pirate Battles"}, {'presenters': ['Jason Scott'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Exploit', 'Tool'], 'title': 'DC 18 Movie Night GET LAMP'}, {'presenters': ['Blake Self', 'Wayne Zage', 'Dolores Zage'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'SMART Project: Applying Reliability Metrics to Security Vulnerabilities'}, {'presenters': ['Blake Self', 'Bitemytaco'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Hacking DOCSIS For Fun and Profit'}, {'presenters': ['James Shewmaker'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Rip Your Browser for x06 days'}, {'presenters': ['Sumit "sid" Siddharth'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Hacking Oracle From Web Apps'}, {'presenters': ['Brad Smith'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT'], 'title': 'Weaponizing Lady GaGa, Psychosonic Attacks'}, {'presenters': ['David C. Smith', 'Samuel Petreski'], 'defcontype': 'TOOL', 'title': 'A New Approach to Forensic Methodology - !!BUSTED!! case studies'}, {'presenters': ['Rich Smith'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'pyREtic - In memory reverse engineering for obfuscated Python bytecode'}, {'presenters': ['Christopher Soghoian'], 'title': 'Your ISP and the Government: Best Friends Forever.'}, {'presenters': ['strace', 'Sean Barnum', 'EvilAdamSmith', 'Kanen', 'Joey Tyson'], 'title': 'So Many Ways to Slap A Yo-Ho:: Xploiting Yoville and Facebook for Fun and Profit'}, {'presenters': ['Jayson E. Street'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Deceiving the Heavens to Cross the Sea: Using the the 36 stratagems for Social Engineering'}, {'presenters': ['The Suggmeister'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Social Networking Special Ops: Extending Data Visualization Tools for Faster Pwnage'}, {'presenters': ['Richard Thieme'], 'title': 'Getting Root: Remote Viewing, Non-local Consciousness, Big Picture Hacking, and Knowing Who You Are'}, {'presenters': ['Patrick Thomas'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Web Application Fingerprinting with Static Files'}, {'presenters': ['Tottenkoph'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'VirGraff101: An Introduction to Virtual Graffiti'}, {'presenters': ['Marc Weber Tobias', 'Tobias Bluzmanis', 'Matt Fiddler'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT'], 'title': 'INSECURITY ENGINEERING OF PHYSICAL SECURITY SYSTEMS: Locks, Lies, and Videotape'}, {'presenters': ['Schuyler Towne', 'datagram'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/EXPLOIT'], 'title': 'Attack the Key, Own the Lock'}, {'presenters': ['Valsmith', 'Colin Ames', 'Anthony Lai'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Balancing the Pwn Trade Deficit'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Vixie', 'Robert Edmonds'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'SIE Passive DNS and the ISC DNS Database'}, {'presenters': ['Nick Waite', 'Furkan Cayci'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Go Go Gadget Python! Introduction to Hardware Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Weigand', 'Renderman', 'Mike Kershaw'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Build your own UAV 2.0 - Wireless Mayhem from the Heavens!'}, {'presenters': ['Barrett Weisshaar', 'Garret Picchioni'], 'title': 'The Night The Lights Went Out In Vegas: Demystifying Smartmeter Networks'}, {'presenters': ['Dondi "SpookDoctor06" West'], 'title': 'An Examination of the Adequacy of the Laws Related to Cyber Warfare'}, {'presenters': ['Joshua Wise'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'From "No Way" to 0-day: Weaponizing the Unweaponizable'}, {'presenters': ['Scott Wolchok'], 'title': 'Crawling BitTorrent DHTs for Fun and Profit'}, {'presenters': ['Zoz'], 'title': "Pwned By The Owner: What Happens When You Steal A Hacker's Computer"}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'July 30 - August 2', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Rivera Hotel and Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 2009, 'panels': [{'presenters': ['Kurt Opsahl', 'Jennifer Granick', 'Kevin Bankston', 'Fred von Lohmann', 'Marcia Hofmann', 'Peter Eckersley'], 'title': 'Ask EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties'}, {'presenters': ['Jim Christy', 'Mike Convertino', 'John Garris', 'Barry Grundy', 'Bob Hopper', 'Mischel Kwon', 'Robert Lentz', 'Rich Marshall', 'Stephane Turgeon', 'Gordon Snow', 'Ken Privette', 'Paul Sternal', 'Jamie Turner', 'Lin Wells', 'Rod Beckstrom', 'Jerry Dixon', 'Andy Fried', 'Greg Garcia', 'Jon Idonisi', 'Ray Kessenich', 'Kevin Manson'], 'title': 'Meet the Feds 2009'}], 'number': 17, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['HighWiz', 'The Dark Tangent', 'Russr', 'DJ Jackalope', 'Deviant Ollam', 'Thorn', 'ThePrez98', 'LosT', 'Noid', 'Siviak'], 'title': 'DEF CON 101'}, {'presenters': ['Joshua "Jabra" Abraham', 'Robert "RSnake" Hansen'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Unmasking You'}, {'presenters': ['MD Sohail Ahmad', 'Prabhash Dhyani'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Wi-Fish Finder: Who Will Bite the Bait'}, {'presenters': ['Chema Alonso', 'Jose Palazon "Palako"'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Tactical Fingerprinting Using Metadata, Hidden Info and Lost Data'}, {'presenters': ['Dmitri Alperovitch', 'Marcus Sachs', 'Phyllis Schneck', 'Ed Skoudis'], 'title': 'Preparing for Cyber War: Strategy and Force Posture in the Information-Centric World'}, {'presenters': ['Iftach Ian Amit'], 'title': 'Down the Rabbit Hole: Uncovering a Criminal Server'}, {'presenters': ['Alek Amrani'], 'title': 'Pre-Con Introduction to Lock Picking'}, {'presenters': ['Alek Amrani'], 'defcontype': ['Exploit'], 'title': 'Session Donation'}, {'presenters': ['James "Myrcurial" Arlen', 'Tiffany Rad'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Your Mind: Legal Status, Rights and Securing Yourself'}, {'presenters': ['Mike "mckt" Bailey', 'Russ McRee'], 'title': 'CSRF: Yeah, It Still Works'}, {'presenters': ['Andrea Barisani', 'Daniele Bianco'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Sniff Keystrokes With Lasers/Voltmeters - Side Channel Attacks Using Optical Sampling Of Mechanical Energy And Power Line Leakage'}, {'presenters': ['Jay Beale', 'Justin Searle'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Exploit', 'Tool'], 'title': "The Middler 2.0: It's Not Just for Web Apps Anymore"}, {'presenters': ['Antoine Gademer', u'Corentin Ch\xe9ron'], 'title': 'A Low Cost Spying Quadrotor for Global security Applications Using Hacked Commercial Digital Camera'}, {'presenters': ['Rod Beckstrom'], 'title': "Beckstrom's Law - A Model for Valuing Networks and Security"}, {'presenters': ['Beth', 'Noid', 'Nick Farr', 'Leigh Honeywell', 'Steve Clement'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Robot Shark Laser! What Hackerspaces Do'}, {'presenters': ['Sam Bowne'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Hijacking Web 2.0 Sites with SSLstrip -- Hands-on Training'}, {'presenters': ['Sean Boyce'], 'title': 'Design and Implementation of a Quantum True Random Number Generator'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Brooks', 'David Aslanian'], 'title': 'BitTorrent Hacks'}, {'presenters': ['K.C. Budd "Phreakmonkey"', 'Taylor Banks "Dr Kaos"'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Old Skool Brought Back: A 1964 Modem Demo'}, {'presenters': ['Joey Calca', 'Ryan Anguiano'], 'title': "Hadoop: Apache's Open Source Implementation of Google's MapReduce Framework"}, {'presenters': ['Robert Clark'], 'title': 'Computer and Internet Security Law - A Year in Review 2008 - 2009'}, {'presenters': ['Sandy Clark "Mouse"'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'De Gustibus, or Hacking your Tastebuds'}, {'presenters': ['Cough'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Confidence Game Theater'}, {'presenters': ['Datagram'], 'title': 'Lockpicking Forensics'}, {'presenters': ['Sherri Davidoff'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Death of Anonymous Travel'}, {'presenters': ['Dead Addict'], 'title': 'Unfair Use - Speculations on the Future of Piracy'}, {'presenters': ['Dead Addict'], 'title': 'DEF CON 1 - A Personal Account'}, {'presenters': ['Da Beave', 'JFalcon'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'AAPL- Automated Analog Telephone Logging'}, {'presenters': ['Dino Dai Zovi'], 'title': 'Macsploitation with Metasploit'}, {'presenters': ['Michael L. Davis'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Who Invented the Proximity Card?'}, {'presenters': ['Rob "Padre" DeGulielmo'], 'title': 'Con Kung-Fu: Defending Yourself @ DEF CON'}, {'presenters': ['Deviant Ollam'], 'title': 'Packing and the Friendly Skies (Why Transporting your Firearms may be the best way to Safeguard your Tech when you Fly)'}, {'presenters': ['Digividual'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Sharepoint 2007 Knowledge Network Exposed'}, {'presenters': ['Digividual'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Socially Owned in the Cloud'}, {'presenters': ['Roger Dingledine'], 'title': "Why Tor is Slow, and What We're Doing About It"}, {'presenters': ['Brandon Dixon'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': "Attacking SMS. It's No Longer Your BFF"}, {'presenters': ['I)ruid'], 'title': 'MSF Telephony'}, {'presenters': ['Steve Dunker', 'Kristie Dunker'], 'title': 'Personal Survival Preparedness'}, {'presenters': ['Muhaimin Dzulfakar'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Advanced MySQL Exploitation'}, {'presenters': ['Luiz "effffn" Eduardo'], 'title': '30k Feet Look at WiFi'}, {'presenters': ['Egypt'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Using Guided Missiles in Drive-Bys: Automatic browser fingerprinting and exploitation with Metasploit'}, {'presenters': ['Endgrain', 'Tiffany Rad', 'Dan Kaminsky'], 'title': 'Hello, My Name is /hostname/'}, {'presenters': ['Bosse Eriksson'], 'title': 'Runtime Kernel Patching on Mac OS X'}, {'presenters': ['Kevin Estis', 'Randy Robbins'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Hacking the Apple TV and Where your Forensic Data Lives'}, {'presenters': ['Tom Eston', 'Kevin Johnson'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Social Zombies: Your Friends Want to Eat Your Brains'}, {'presenters': ['etd'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Dradis Framework - Sharing Information will get you Root'}, {'presenters': ['Damian Finol'], 'title': 'Cracking the Poor and the Rich: Discovering the Relationship Between Physical and Network Security'}, {'presenters': ['Gregory Fleischer'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Attacking Tor at the Application Layer'}, {'presenters': ['Tony Flick'], 'title': 'Hacking the Smart Grid'}, {'presenters': ['FX'], 'title': 'Router Exploitation'}, {'presenters': ['Chris Gates', 'Mario Ceballos'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Breaking the "Unbreakable" Oracle with Metasploit'}, {'presenters': ['Efstratios L. Gavas'], 'title': 'Asymmetric Defense: How to Fight Off the NSA Red Team with Five People or Less'}, {'presenters': ['Travis Goodspeed'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Locally Exploiting Wireless Sensors'}, {'presenters': ['Goldy', 'Pierce'], 'title': 'Introduction to WiMAX Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Travis Goodspeed'], 'defcontype': ['Tool'], 'title': 'An Open JTAG Debugger'}, {'presenters': ['Joe Grand (Kingpin)', 'The Dark Tangent'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Welcome to Defcon 17 with Dark Tangent and the Making of & Hacking the DC17 Badge'}, {'presenters': ['Joe Grand (Kingpin)', 'Zoz'], 'title': 'The Projects of "Prototype This!"'}, {'presenters': ['Joe "Kingpin" Grand', 'Jake Appelbaum', 'Chris Tarnovsky'], 'defcontype': ['Exploit'], 'title': '"Smart" Parking Meter Implementations, Globalism, and You (aka Meter Maids Eat Their Young)'}, {'presenters': ['Jennifer Granick'], 'title': 'The Year In Computer Crime Cases'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Gutmann'], 'title': 'The Psychology of Security Unusability'}, {'presenters': ['Nick Harbour'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Win at Reversing: Tracing and Sandboxing through Inline Hooking'}, {'presenters': ['Sho Ho'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'FOE -- Feeding Controversial News to Censored Countries (Without Using Proxy Servers)'}, {'presenters': ['Dr. Thomas J. Holt', 'Dr. Max Kilger', 'Dr. Debora Strumsky', 'Dr. Olga Smirnova'], 'title': 'Identifying, Exploring, and Predicting Threats in the Russian Hacker Community'}, {'presenters': ["Stephen 'afterburn' Janansky", 'Nick Waite'], 'title': 'Hardware Trojans: Infiltrating the Faraday Cage'}, {'presenters': ['jhind'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Catching DNS Tunnels with AI - A Talk About Artificial Intelligence, Geometry and Malicious Network Traffic'}, {'presenters': ['Pedro  "hkm" Joaquin'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Attacks Against 2wire Residential Gateways'}, {'presenters': ['Kevin Johnson', 'Justin Searle', 'Frank DiMaggio'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Injectable Exploits: Two New Tools for Pwning Web Apps and Browsers'}, {'presenters': ['Grant Jordan'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Stealing Profits from Stock Market Spammers or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spam'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Kaminsky'], 'title': 'Something about Network Security'}, {'presenters': ['Kenshoto'], 'title': 'WarGamez Redux'}, {'presenters': ['Mike Kershaw'], 'title': 'MSF Wifi'}, {'presenters': ['Dr. Fouad Kiamilev', 'Rodney McGee'], 'defcontype': ['demo'], 'title': 'Hardware Black Magic - Building devices with FPGAs'}, {'presenters': ['Jon R. Kibler', 'Mike Cooper'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Exploit', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Hack The Textbook'}, {'presenters': ['Itzik Kotler', 'Tomer Bitton'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'The Day of the Updates'}, {'presenters': ['Matt Krick "DCFluX"'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Training'], 'title': 'DCFluX in: The Man with the Soldering Gun'}, {'presenters': ['Righter Kunkel'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Air Traffic Control: Insecurity and ADS-B'}, {'presenters': ['Lee Kushner', 'Mike Murray'], 'title': 'Effective Information Security Career Planning'}, {'presenters': ['Ava Latrope'], 'title': 'eXercise in Messaging and Presence Pwnage'}, {'presenters': ['Ricky Lawshae'], 'title': 'Picking Electronic Locks Using TCP Sequence Prediction'}, {'presenters': ['Robert F. Lentz'], 'title': 'Perspective of the DoD Chief Security Officer'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Ligh', 'Matthew Richard'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Making Fun of Your Malware'}, {'presenters': ['Roberto Suggi Liverani', 'Nick Freeman'], 'defcontype': 'demo', 'title': 'Abusing Firefox Addons'}, {'presenters': ['Lockheed'], 'title': 'DC Network Session'}, {'presenters': ['Fred Von Lohmann', 'Jennifer Granick'], 'title': 'Jailbreaking and the Law of Reversing'}, {'presenters': ['Johnny Long'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'three point Oh.'}, {'presenters': ['George Louthan', 'Cody Pollet'], 'defcontype': ['Demo/Tool'], 'title': 'Hack like the Movie Stars: A Big-Screen Multi-Touch Network Monitor'}, {'presenters': ['Kevin Mahaffey', 'John Hering', 'Anthony Lineberry'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Is your Iphone Pwned? Auditing, Attacking and Defending Mobile Devices'}, {'presenters': ['Josh Marks', 'Rob Rehrig', 'Larry Aiello'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Hacking the Wiimote and Wii Fit to Help the Disabled'}, {'presenters': ['Moxie Marlinspike'], 'title': 'More Tricks For Defeating SSL'}, {'presenters': ['David Maynor'], 'title': 'App Assessment the Metasploit Way'}, {'presenters': ['Joseph McCray'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Advanced SQL Injection'}, {'presenters': ['Haroon Meer', 'Marco Slaviero', 'Nicholas Arvanitis'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Clobbering the Cloud'}, {'presenters': ['Douglas C. Merrill'], 'title': 'Is That You, Baby, or Just a Bridge in the Sky?'}, {'presenters': ['|)ruid', 'H.D. Moore', 'Mike Kershaw', 'David Maynor', 'Dino Dai Zovi', 'Peter Silberman', 'Steve Davis'], 'title': 'MetaSploit Track'}, {'presenters': ['Erez Metula'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Managed Code Rootkits - Hooking into Runtime Environments'}, {'presenters': ['Christopher Mooney', 'James Luedke'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Subverting the World Of Warcraft API'}, {'presenters': ['H.D. Moore'], 'title': 'Metasploit Evolved'}, {'presenters': ['H.D. Moore'], 'title': 'Meterpreter Advances'}, {'presenters': ['H.D. Moore'], 'title': 'Hacking the Next Internet'}, {'presenters': ['David Mortman', 'Rich Mogull', 'Dave Maynor', 'Larry Pesce', 'Robert "RSnake" Hansen'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Defcon Security Jam 2: The Fails Keep on Coming'}, {'presenters': ['Scott Moulton'], 'title': 'RAID Recovery: Recover your PORN by Sight and Sound'}, {'presenters': ['Shawn Moyer', 'Nathan Hamiel'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Exploit', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Weaponizing the Web: New Attacks on User-generated Content'}, {'presenters': ['Mike Murray', 'Tyler Reguly'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Slight of Mind: Magic and Social Engineering'}, {'presenters': ['Ne0nRa1n', 'Keith Biddulph'], 'defcontype': ['Tool'], 'title': 'Hacking Sleep: How to Build Your Very Own Sleep Lab'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Ostrom', 'Arjun Sambamoorthy'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Advancing Video Application Attacks with Video Interception, Recording, and Replay'}, {'presenters': ['Chris Paget'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'RFID MythBusting'}, {'presenters': ['Nicholas J. Percoco', 'Jibran Ilyas'], 'title': 'Malware Freak Show'}, {'presenters': ['Tyler Pitchford', 'Esq.'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Search And Seizure Explained - They Took My Laptop!'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Potter', 'Logan Lodge'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Fragging Game Servers'}, {'presenters': ['Pratap Prabhu', 'Yingbo Song', 'Salvatore. J. Stolfo'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Smashing the Stack with Hydra: The Many Heads of Advanced Polymorphic Shellcode'}, {'presenters': ['Psifertex'], 'title': 'Maximum CTF: Getting the Most Out of Capture the Flag'}, {'presenters': ['Danny Quist', 'Lorie M. Liebrock'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Reverse Engineering By Crayon: Game Changing Hypervisor Based Malware Analysis and Visualization'}, {'presenters': ['Daniel Raygoza'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Automated Malware Similarity Analysis'}, {'presenters': ['Paul F. Renda'], 'title': 'Injecting Electromagnetic Pulses into Digital Devices'}, {'presenters': ['RenderMan', 'Michael "theprez98" Schearer'], 'title': 'Hacker vs. Disasters Large and Small: Hacker Skills for Wilderness and Disaster Survival'}, {'presenters': ['Jim Rennie'], 'title': 'So You Got Arrested in Vegas...'}, {'presenters': ['Matt Richard', 'Steven Adair'], 'title': '0-day, gh0stnet and the inside story of the Adobe JBIG2 vulnerability'}, {'presenters': ['Nicolle Neulist "RogueClown"'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Hackerspaces: The Legal Bases'}, {'presenters': ['David Rook'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'The security risks of Web 2.0'}, {'presenters': ['Jon Rose'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Deblaze - A Remote Method Enumeration Tool for Flex Servers'}, {'presenters': ['Antonio "Tony" Rucci'], 'title': 'Protecting Against and Investigating Insider Threats (A methodical, multi-pronged approach to protecting your organization)'}, {'presenters': ['Adam Savage'], 'title': 'Failure'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Schlesinger'], 'title': 'Cloud Security in Map/Reduce'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Schneier'], 'title': 'Q & A with Bruce Schneier'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Schrenk'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Screen Scraper Tricks: Extracting Data from Difficult Websites'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Scott'], 'title': 'That Awesome Time I Was Sued For Two Billion Dollars'}, {'presenters': ['Sumit Siddharth'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'The Making of the second SQL injection Worm'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Silberman', 'Steve Davis'], 'title': 'Metasploit Autopsy: Recontructing the Crime Scene'}, {'presenters': ['Christopher Soghoian'], 'title': 'Manipulation and Abuse of the Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies'}, {'presenters': ['Dominic Spill', 'Michael Ossmann', 'Mark Steward'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Bluetooth, Smells Like Chicken'}, {'presenters': ['Jayson E. Street'], 'title': '"I Am Walking Through a City Made of Glass and I Have a Bag Full of Rocks" (Dispelling the Myths and Discussing the Facts of Global Cyber-Warfare)'}, {'presenters': ['Mark Ryan Del Moral Talabis'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Dangerous Minds: The Art of Guerrilla Data Mining'}, {'presenters': ['Sean "Frank^2" Taylor'], 'title': 'Binary Obfuscation from the Top-Down: Obfuscating Executables Without Writing Assembly'}, {'presenters': ['Richard Thieme'], 'title': 'Hacking UFOlogy 102: The Implications of UFOs for Life, the Universe, and Everything'}, {'presenters': ['Richard Thieme'], 'title': 'Hacking, Biohacking, and the Future of Humanity'}, {'presenters': ['TK234'], 'defcontype': ['demo'], 'title': 'PLA Information Warfare Development Timeline and Nodal Analysis'}, {'presenters': ['Marc Weber Tobias', 'Matt Fiddler', 'Tobias Bluzmanis'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Invisible Access: Electronic Access Control, Audit Trails and "High Security"'}, {'presenters': ['Efrain Torres'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Metasploit Goes Web'}, {'presenters': ['Tottenkoph'], 'defcontype': ['Demo'], 'title': 'Good Vibrations: Hacking Motion Sickness on the Cheap'}, {'presenters': ['Valsmith', 'Colin Ames', 'David Kerb'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'MetaPhish'}, {'presenters': ['Charlie Vedaa', 'Anonymous secondary speaker'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Proxy Prank-o-Matic'}, {'presenters': ['Rafael Dominguez Vega'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'USB Attacks: Fun with Plug & 0wn'}, {'presenters': ['Videoman'], 'title': 'Hacking with GNURadio'}, {'presenters': ['Matt Weir', 'Professor Sudhir Aggarwal'], 'title': 'Cracking 400,000 Passwords, or How to Explain to Your Roommate why the Power Bill is a Little High...'}, {'presenters': ['Thomas Wilhelm'], 'title': 'Hacking WITH the iPod Touch'}, {'presenters': ['Jeff Yestrumskas', 'Matt Flick'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool'], 'title': 'Cross Site Scripting Anonymous Browser 2.0'}, {'presenters': ['Edward Zaborowski'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': "Doppelganger: The Web's Evil Twin"}, {'presenters': ['Mike Zusman'], 'defcontype': ['Demo', 'Tool', 'Exploit'], 'title': 'Criminal Charges are not pursued: Hacking PKI'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'August 8 - August 10', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Rivera Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 2008, 'panels': [{'presenters': ['Michael J. Assante', 'Jerry Dixon', 'Tom Kellermann', 'Marcus Sachs'], 'title': 'Panel: Commission on Cyber Security for the 44th Presidency'}, {'presenters': ['Jim Christy', 'Jerry Dixon', 'Tim Fowler', 'Andy Fried', 'Barry Gundy', 'Bob Hopper', 'Jon Iadonisi', 'Mike Jacobs', 'Tim Koshiba', 'Bob Lentz', 'Kevin Manson', 'Rich Marshall', 'Ken Privette', 'Keith Rhodes', 'Linton Wells'], 'title': 'Panel: Meet the Feds'}, {'presenters': ['David Mortman', 'Rich Mogull', 'Chris Hoff', 'Robert "RSnake" Hansen', 'Robert Graham', 'David Maynor'], 'title': 'Panel: All Your Sploits (and Servers) Are Belong To Us'}, {'presenters': ['David Kennedy', 'Ken Stasiak', 'Scott White', 'John Melvin', 'Andrew Weidenhamer'], 'title': 'Panel: Black vs. White: The Complete Life Cycle of a Real World Breach'}, {'presenters': ['Kevin Bankston', 'Eva Galperin', 'Jennifer Granick', 'Marcia Hofmann', 'Corynne McSherry', 'Kurt Opsahl'], 'title': 'Panel: Ask EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties Panel'}, {'presenters': ['Tadayoshi Kohno', 'Jon Callas', 'Alexei Czeskis', 'Dan Halperin', 'Karl Koscher', 'Michael Piatek'], 'title': 'Panel: Hacking in the Name of Science'}], 'number': 16, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['Mati Aharoni'], 'title': 'BackTrack Foo - From Bug to 0day'}, {'presenters': ['Md Sohail Ahmad', 'JVR Murthy', 'Amit Vartak'], 'title': 'Autoimmunity Disorder in Wireless LAN'}, {'presenters': ['Chema Alonso', u'Jos\xe9 Parada'], 'title': 'Time-Based Blind SQL Injection using heavy queries: A practical approach for MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle and MySQL databases and Marathon Tool'}, {'presenters': ['Zack Anderson', 'RJ Ryan', 'Alessandro Chiesa'], 'title': "The Anatomy of a Subway Hack: Breaking Crypto RFID's and Magstripes of Ticketing Systems"}, {'presenters': ['Ian O. Angell'], 'title': 'Digital Security: A Risky Business'}, {'presenters': ['atlas'], 'title': 'VulnCatcher: Fun with Vtrace and Programmatic Debugging'}, {'presenters': ['Taylor Banks', 'Carric'], 'title': 'Pen-Testing is Dead, Long Live the Pen Test'}, {'presenters': ['Jay Beale'], 'title': 'Owning the Users with The Middler'}, {'presenters': ['Jay Beale'], 'title': "They're Hacking Our Clients! Introducing Free Client-side Intrusion Prevention"}, {'presenters': ['Luciano Bello', 'Maximiliano Bertacchini'], 'title': 'Predictable RNG in the Vulnerable Debian OpenSSL Package, the What and the How'}, {'presenters': ['John Benson "jur1st"'], 'title': 'When Lawyers Attack! Dealing with the New Rules of Electronic Discovery'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Berghammer'], 'title': 'The Emergence (and Use) of Open Source Warfare'}, {'presenters': ['Don M. Blumenthal'], 'title': "What To Do When Your Data Winds Up Where It Shouldn't"}, {'presenters': ['Don M. Blumenthal'], 'title': 'Working with Law Enforcement'}, {'presenters': [u'Magnus Br\xe5ding'], 'title': 'Generic, Decentralized, Unstoppable Anonymity: The Phantom Protocol'}, {'presenters': ['Adam Bregenzer'], 'title': 'Buying Time - What is your Data Worth?'}, {'presenters': ['Mark Bristow'], 'title': 'ModScan: A SCADA MODBUS Network Scanner'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Brooks'], 'title': 'Deciphering Captcha'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Brooks'], 'title': u'CSRF Bouncing\u2020'}, {'presenters': ['Jonathan Brossard'], 'title': 'Bypassing Pre-boot Authentication Passwords'}, {'presenters': ['David Byrne', 'Eric Duprey'], 'title': 'Grendel-Scan: A new web application scanning tool'}, {'presenters': ['D.J. Capelis'], 'title': 'Building a Real Session Layer'}, {'presenters': ['Joe Cicero', 'Michael Vieau'], 'title': 'Hacking E.S.P.'}, {'presenters': ['Ian Clarke'], 'title': 'Hacking Desire'}, {'presenters': ['Sandy Clark "Mouse"'], 'title': "Climbing Everest: An Insider's Look at one State's Voting Systems"}, {'presenters': ['Greg Conti'], 'title': 'Could Googling Take Down a President, a Prime Minister, or an Average Citizen?'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Craig'], 'title': 'Compromising Windows Based Internet Kiosks'}, {'presenters': ["Thomas d''Otreppe de Bouvette", 'Rick Farina'], 'title': "Shifting the Focus of WiFi Security: Beyond cracking your neighbor's wep key"}, {'presenters': ['Brenno De Winter'], 'title': 'Hacking Data Retention: Small Sister your digital privacy self defense'}, {'presenters': ['Brenno De Winter'], 'title': 'Ticket to Trouble'}, {'presenters': ['Roger Dingledine'], 'title': 'Security and Anonymity Vulnerabilities in Tor: Past, Present, and Future'}, {'presenters': ['Chris Eagle', 'Tim Vidas'], 'title': 'Next Generation Collaborative Reversing with Ida Pro and CollabREate'}, {'presenters': ['Brian K. Edwards', 'Silvio J. Flaim'], 'title': 'Markets for Malware: A Structural Economic Approach'}, {'presenters': ['Nathan Evans', 'Christian Grothoff'], 'title': 'de-Tor-iorate Anonymity'}, {'presenters': ['Doug Farre'], 'title': 'Identification Card Security: Past, Present, Future'}, {'presenters': ['Ben Feinstein'], 'title': 'Snort Plug-in Development: Teaching an Old Pig New Tricks'}, {'presenters': ['Ben Feinstein'], 'title': 'The Wide World of WAFs'}, {'presenters': ['Kevin Figueroa', 'Marco Figueroa', 'Anthony L. Williams'], 'title': 'VLANs Layer 2 Attacks: Their Relevance and their Kryptonite'}, {'presenters': ['John Fitzpatrick'], 'title': 'Virtually Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Zac Franken'], 'title': 'Is That a Unique Credential in Your Pocket or Are You Just Pleased to See Me?'}, {'presenters': ['Stefan Frei', 'Thomas Duebendorfer', 'Gunter Ollmann', 'Martin May'], 'title': 'Exploiting A Hundred-Million Hosts Before Brunch'}, {'presenters': ['Fyodor'], 'title': 'Nmap: Scanning the Internet'}, {'presenters': ['Travis Goodspeed'], 'title': 'Journey to the Center of the HP28'}, {'presenters': ['Joe "Kingpin" Grand'], 'title': 'Making the DEF CON 16 Badge'}, {'presenters': ['Joe "Kingpin" Grand', 'Zoz'], 'title': 'BSODomizer'}, {'presenters': ['Kurt Grutzmacher'], 'title': 'Nail the Coffin Shut, NTLM is Dead'}, {'presenters': ['Nathan Hamiel', 'Shawn Moyer'], 'title': 'Satan is on my Friends list: Attacking Social Networks'}, {'presenters': ['Nick Harbour'], 'title': 'Advanced Software Armoring and Polymorphic Kung Fu'}, {'presenters': ['G. Mark Hardy'], 'title': 'A Hacker Looks at 50'}, {'presenters': ['Wendel Guglielmetti Henrique'], 'title': 'Playing with Web Application Firewalls'}, {'presenters': ['Rick Hill'], 'title': 'War Ballooning-Kismet Wireless "Eye in the Sky"'}, {'presenters': ['Cameron Hotchkies'], 'title': 'Under the iHood'}, {'presenters': ['Simon Howard'], 'title': 'Race-2-Zero Unpacked'}, {'presenters': ['Tony Howlett'], 'title': 'The Death of Cash'}, {'presenters': ['JonM'], 'title': 'Ham For Hackers- Take Back the Airwaves'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Kaminsky'], 'title': 'DNS Goodness'}, {'presenters': ['Anton Kapela', 'Alex Pilosov'], 'title': 'Stealing The Internet - A Routed, Wide-area, Man in the Middle Attack'}, {'presenters': ['Fouad Kiamilev', 'Ryan Hoover'], 'title': 'Demonstration of Hardware Trojans'}, {'presenters': ['Kolisar'], 'title': 'WhiteSpace: A Different Approach to JavaScript Obfuscation'}, {'presenters': ['Matt "DCFLuX" Krick'], 'title': 'Flux on: EAS (Emergency Alert System)'}, {'presenters': ['Lee Kushner', 'Mike Murray'], 'title': 'Career Mythbusters: Separating Fact from Fiction in your Information Security Career'}, {'presenters': ['Alexander Lash'], 'title': 'Taking Back your Cellphone'}, {'presenters': ['lclee_vx', 'lychan25'], 'title': 'Comparison of File Infection on Windows & Linux'}, {'presenters': ['Felix Lindner "FX"'], 'title': 'Developments in Cisco IOS Forensics'}, {'presenters': ['Felix Lindner "FX"'], 'title': 'Toying With Barcodes'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Ligh', 'Greg Sinclair'], 'title': 'Malware RCE: Debuggers and Decryptor Development'}, {'presenters': ['Lyn'], 'title': 'Tuning Your Brain'}, {'presenters': ['Major Malfunction'], 'title': 'Feed my Sat Monkey'}, {'presenters': ['Morgan Marquis-Boire'], 'title': 'Fear, Uncertainty and the Digital Armageddon'}, {'presenters': ['Guy Martin'], 'title': 'Sniffing Cable Modems'}, {'presenters': ['Anthony Martinez', 'Thomas Bowen'], 'title': 'Toasterkit, a Modular NetBSD Rootkit'}, {'presenters': ['David Maynor', 'Robert Graham'], 'title': 'Bringing Sexy Back: Breaking in with Style'}, {'presenters': ['Scott Moulton'], 'title': 'Forensics is ONLY for Private Investigators'}, {'presenters': ['Scott Moulton'], 'title': 'Solid State Drives Destroy Forensic & Data Recovery Jobs: Animated!'}, {'presenters': ['Nelson Murilo', "Luiz 'effffn' Eduardo"], 'title': 'Beholder: New Wifi Monitor Tool'}, {'presenters': ['Dr. Igor Muttik'], 'title': 'Good Viruses. Evaluating the Risks'}, {'presenters': ['Ne0nRa1n', 'Joe "Kingpin" Grand'], 'title': 'Brain Games: Make your own Biofeedback Video Game'}, {'presenters': ['Jan Newger'], 'title': 'Anti-RE Techniques in DRM Code'}, {'presenters': ['N.N.P.'], 'title': 'VoIPER: Smashing the VoIP Stack While You Sleep'}, {'presenters': ['NYCMIKE'], 'title': 'The World of Pager Sniffing/Interception: More Activity Than One May Suspect'}, {'presenters': [u'Christer \xd6berg', 'Claes Nyberg', 'James Tusini'], 'title': 'Hacking OpenVMS'}, {'presenters': ["Jim O''Leary"], 'title': 'Every Breath You Take'}, {'presenters': ['Mike Perry'], 'title': '365-Day: Active Https Cookie Hijacking'}, {'presenters': ['Phreakmonkey', 'mutantMandias'], 'title': "Urban Exploration - A Hacker's View"}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Potter'], 'title': 'Malware Detection through Network Flow Analysis'}, {'presenters': ['Paul F. Renda'], 'title': "The true story of the Radioactive Boyscout: The first nuclear hacker and how his work relates to Homeland Security's model of the dirty bomb"}, {'presenters': ['Renderman'], 'title': 'How Can I Pwn Thee? Let Me Count the Ways'}, {'presenters': ['Renderman'], 'title': '10 Things That Are Pissing Me Off'}, {'presenters': ['Mike Renlund'], 'title': 'The Big Picture: Digital Cinema Technology and Security'}, {'presenters': ['Robert Ricks'], 'title': 'New Tool for SQL Injection with DNS Exfiltration'}, {'presenters': ['Eric Schmiedl'], 'title': 'Advanced Physical Attacks: Going Beyond Social Engineering and Dumpster Diving'}, {'presenters': ['Ferdinand Schober'], 'title': 'Gaming - The Next Overlooked Security Hole'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Scott'], 'title': 'Making a Text Adventure Documentary'}, {'presenters': ['Blake Self', 'DevDelay', 'Bitemytaco'], 'title': 'Free Anonymous Internet Using Modified Cable Modems'}, {'presenters': ['James Shewmaker'], 'title': 'StegoFS'}, {'presenters': ['Teo Sze Siong', 'Hirosh Joseph'], 'title': "Let's Sink the Phishermen's Boat!"}, {'presenters': ['Eric Smith', 'Dr. Shana Dardan'], 'title': 'Medical Identity Theft'}, {'presenters': ['Mike Spindel', 'Scott Torborg'], 'title': 'CAPTCHAs: Are they really hopeless? (Yes)'}, {'presenters': ['Alex Stamos', 'David Thiel', 'Justine Osborne'], 'title': 'Living in the RIA World'}, {'presenters': ['Tom "strace" Stracener', 'Robert "Rsnake" Hansen'], 'title': 'Xploiting Google Gadgets: Gmalware and Beyond'}, {'presenters': ['Christopher Tarnovsky'], 'title': 'Inducing Momentary Faults Within Secure Smartcards / Microcontrollers'}, {'presenters': ['Marc Weber Tobias', 'Matt Fiddler'], 'title': 'Open in 30 Seconds: Cracking One of the Most Secure Locks in America'}, {'presenters': ['Tottenkoph', 'Rev', 'Philosopher'], 'title': 'Hijacking the Outdoor Digital Billboard Network'}, {'presenters': ['Schuyler Towne', 'Jon King'], 'title': 'How to make Friends & Influence Lock Manufacturers'}, {'presenters': ['Ryan Trost'], 'title': 'Evade IDS/IPS Systems using Geospatial Threat Detection'}, {'presenters': ['Valsmith', 'Colin Ames'], 'title': 'MetaPost-Exploitation'}, {'presenters': ['Vic Vandal'], 'title': 'Keeping Secret Secrets Secret and Sharing Secret Secrets Secretly'}, {'presenters': ['Weasel'], 'title': 'Compliance: The Enterprise Vulnerability Roadmap'}, {'presenters': ['Matt Weir', 'Sudhir Aggarwal'], 'title': 'Password Cracking on a Budget'}, {'presenters': ['David Weston', 'Tiller Beauchamp'], 'title': "RE:Trace: The Reverse Engineer's Unexpected Swiss Army Knife"}, {'presenters': ['Thomas Wilhelm'], 'title': 'Mobile Hacker Space'}, {'presenters': ['Clinton Wong'], 'title': 'Web Privacy and Flash Local Shared Objects'}, {'presenters': ['Fabian "fabs" Yamaguchi', 'FX'], 'title': 'New Ideas for Old Practices - Port-Scanning Improved'}, {'presenters': ['Matt Yoder'], 'title': 'The Death Envelope: A Medieval Solution to a 21st Century Problem'}, {'presenters': ['DAVIX'], 'title': 'DAVIX Visualization Workshop'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'August 3 - August 5', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Rivera Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 2007, 'panels': [{'presenters': ['Jim Christy', 'Jerry Dixon', 'Tim Fowler', 'Andy Fried', 'Barry Gundy', 'Bob Hopper', 'Jon Iadonisi', 'Mike Jacobs', 'Tim Koshiba', 'Bob Lentz', 'Kevin Manson', 'Rich Marshall', 'Ken Privette', 'Keith Rhodes', 'Linton Wells'], 'title': 'Panel: Meet the Fed'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Proctor', 'Patrick Chung', 'Maria Cirino', 'Mark McGovern', 'Dov Yoran'], 'title': 'Panel: Meet the VCs'}, {'presenters': ['Gadi Evron', 'Andrew Fried', 'Thomas Grasso', 'Dan Hubbard', 'Dan Kaminsky', 'Randy Vaughn', 'Paul Vixie'], 'title': 'Panel: Internet Wars 2007'}], 'number': 15, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['Agent X'], 'title': '44 Lines about 22 Things that keep me up at Night'}, {'presenters': ['Ofir Arkin'], 'title': 'kNAC!'}, {'presenters': ['atlas'], 'title': 'Remedial Heap Overflows: dlmalloc style'}, {'presenters': ['Andrea Barisani', 'Daniele Bianco'], 'title': 'Injecting RDS-TMC Traffic Information Signals a.k.a. How to freak out your Satellite Navigation'}, {'presenters': ['John Benson (jur1st)'], 'title': 'Bridging the Gap Between Technology and the Law'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Berghammer'], 'title': "A Journalist's Perspective on Security Research"}, {'presenters': ['Sean M. Bodmer'], 'title': 'Analyzing Intrusions & Intruders'}, {'presenters': ['Sam Bowne'], 'title': 'Teaching Hacking at College'}, {'presenters': ['Sergey Bratus'], 'title': 'Entropy-based data organization tricks for log and packet capture browsing'}, {'presenters': ['David Byrne'], 'title': 'Intranet Invasion With Anti-DNS Pinning'}, {'presenters': ['D.J.Capelis'], 'title': 'Virtualization: Enough holes to work Vegas'}, {'presenters': ['Robert W. Clark'], 'title': 'Computer and Internet Security Law - A Year in Review 2006 - 2007'}, {'presenters': ['Greg Conti'], 'title': 'Satellite Imagery Analysis'}, {'presenters': ['Crispin Cowan'], 'title': 'Securing Linux Applications With AppArmor'}, {'presenters': ['Jesse "x30n" D\'\'Aguanno'], 'title': 'LAN Protocol Attacks Part 1 - Arp Reloaded'}, {'presenters': ['The Dark Tangent'], 'title': 'CiscoGate'}, {'presenters': ['Rick Deacon'], 'title': 'Hacking Social Lives:'}, {'presenters': ['Dead Addict'], 'title': 'Picking up the Zero Day; An Everyones Guide to Unexpected Disclosures'}, {'presenters': ['Jared DeMott', 'Dr. Richard Enbody', 'Dr. Bill Punch'], 'title': 'Revolutionizing the Field of Grey-box Attack Surface Testing with Evolutionary Fuzzing'}, {'presenters': ['Ganesh Devarajan'], 'title': 'Unraveling SCADA Protocols: Using Sulley Fuzzer'}, {'presenters': ['Deviant Ollam', 'Noid', 'Frank Thornton (a.k.a. Thorn)', 'jur1st'], 'title': 'Boomstick Fu: The Fundamentals of Physical Security at its Most Basic Level'}, {'presenters': ['Roger Dingledine'], 'title': 'Tor and blocking-resistance'}, {'presenters': ['Toralv Dirro', 'Dirk Kollberg'], 'title': 'Trojans: A Reality Check'}, {'presenters': ['I)ruid'], 'title': 'Real-time Steganography with RTP'}, {'presenters': ['Steve Dunker'], 'title': 'Everything you ever wanted to know about Police Procedure in 50 minutes'}, {'presenters': ['Luiz Eduardo'], 'title': 'The Hacker Society around the (corporate) world'}, {'presenters': ['Joel Eriksson', 'Karl Janmar', 'Claes Nyberg', u'Christer \xd6berg'], 'title': 'Kernel Wars'}, {'presenters': ['Nathan S. Evans', 'Christian Grothoff'], 'title': 'Routing in The Dark: Pitch Black'}, {'presenters': ['Gadi Evron'], 'title': 'Estonia: Information Warfare and Strategic Lessons'}, {'presenters': ['Gadi Evron'], 'title': 'Webserver Botnets'}, {'presenters': ['Zac Franken'], 'title': 'Biometric and token based access control systems: Are you protected by two screws and a plastic cover? Probably.'}, {'presenters': ['Kenneth Geers'], 'title': 'Greetz from Room 101'}, {'presenters': ['geoffrey'], 'title': 'The Completion Backward Principle'}, {'presenters': ['Damien Gomez'], 'title': 'Intelligent debugging for VulnDev'}, {'presenters': ['K.N. Gopinath'], 'title': 'Multipot: A More Potent Variant of Evil Twin'}, {'presenters': ['Joe Grand'], 'title': 'Making of the DEF CON 15 Badge'}, {'presenters': ['Jennifer Granick'], 'title': 'Disclosure and Intellectual Property Law: Case Studies'}, {'presenters': ['Lukas Grunwald'], 'title': 'Security by Politics - Why it will never work'}, {'presenters': ['David Gustin', 'Ab3nd'], 'title': 'Hardware Hacking for Software Geeks'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Gutmann'], 'title': 'The Commercial Malware Industry'}, {'presenters': ['Ian G. Harris'], 'title': 'INTERSTATE: A Stateful Protocol Fuzzer for SIP'}, {'presenters': ['John Heasman'], 'title': 'Hacking the Extensible Firmware Interface'}, {'presenters': ['Aaron Higbee'], 'title': 'Hack Your Car for Boost and Power!'}, {'presenters': ['Ricky Hill'], 'title': 'GeoLocation of Wireless Access Points and "Wireless GeoCaching"'}, {'presenters': ['Greg Hoglund'], 'title': 'VIRTUAL WORLD, REAL HACKING'}, {'presenters': ['Thomas J. Holt'], 'title': 'The Market for Malware'}, {'presenters': ['Broward Horne'], 'title': 'Click Fraud Detection with Practical Memetics'}, {'presenters': ['David Hulton'], 'title': 'Faster PwninG Assured: New adventures with FPGAs'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Hubbard'], 'title': 'HoneyJax (AKA Web Security Monitoring and Intelligence 2.0)'}, {'presenters': ['Luke Jennings'], 'title': 'One Token to Rule Them All: Post-Exploitation Fun in Windows Environments'}, {'presenters': ['Dave Josephsen'], 'title': 'Homeless Vikings, (short-lived bgp prefix hijacking and the spamwars)'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Kaminsky'], 'title': 'Black Ops 2007: Design Reviewing The Web'}, {'presenters': ['Vitaliy Kamlyuk'], 'title': 'Fighting Malware on your own'}, {'presenters': ['Patrik Karlsson'], 'title': 'SQL injection and out-of-band channeling'}, {'presenters': ['King Tuna'], 'title': 'Hacking EVDO'}, {'presenters': ['Benjamin Kurtz'], 'title': 'Functional Fuzzing with Funk'}, {'presenters': ['Edward Lee'], 'title': 'Comparing Application Security Tools'}, {'presenters': ['Janne Lindqvist'], 'title': 'IPv6 is Bad for Your Privacy'}, {'presenters': ['Johnny Long'], 'title': 'No-Tech Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Myles Long', 'Rob "Flack" O\'\'Hara', 'Christian "RaDMan" Wirth'], 'title': 'Self-Publishing and the Computer Underground'}, {'presenters': ['Nick Mathewson'], 'title': 'Social Attacks on Anonymity Networks'}, {'presenters': ['Nick Mathewson'], 'title': 'Technical Changes Since The Last Tor Talk'}, {'presenters': ['Haroon Meer', 'Marco Slaviero'], 'title': "It's All About the Timing"}, {'presenters': ['Charlie Miller'], 'title': 'How smart is Intelligent Fuzzing - or - How stupid is Dumb Fuzzing?'}, {'presenters': ['Doug Mohney'], 'title': 'The Next Wireless Frontier - TV White Spaces'}, {'presenters': ['H.D. Moore', 'Valsmith'], 'title': 'Tactical Exploitation'}, {'presenters': ['David Mortman', 'Paul Proctor', 'Window Snyder', 'Ian Robertson', 'David Maynor', 'Dave Goldsmith'], 'title': 'Disclosure Panel'}, {'presenters': ['Scott Moulton'], 'title': 'Re-Animating Drives & Advanced Data Recovery'}, {'presenters': ['Shawn Moyer'], 'title': '(un)Smashing the Stack: Overflows, Countermeasures, and the Real World'}, {'presenters': ['Alexander Muentz'], 'title': 'Protecting your IT infrastructure from legal attacks- Subpoenas, Warrants and Transitive Trust'}, {'presenters': ['Rich Murphey'], 'title': 'Windows Vista Log Forensics'}, {'presenters': ['Mike Murray', 'Lee Kushner'], 'title': 'Creating and Managing Your Security Career'}, {'presenters': ['Mike Murray', 'Anton Chuvakin'], 'title': 'The Science of Social Engineering: NLP, Hypnosis and the science of persuasion'}, {'presenters': ['Brett Neilson', 'Taylor Brinton'], 'title': 'Being in the know... Listening to and understanding modern radio systems'}, {'presenters': ['Ne0nra1n', 'Julian Spillane'], 'title': 'Hack your brain with video games'}, {'presenters': ["Danny O''Brien"], 'title': 'Digital Rights Worldwide: Or How to Build a Global Hacker Conspiracy'}, {'presenters': ["Brendan O''Connor"], 'title': 'Greater than 1: Defeating "strong" Authentication in Web Applications'}, {'presenters': ['Kurt Opsahl', 'Kevin Bankston', 'Marcia Hofmann', 'Matt Zimmerman', "Danny O''Brien", 'Peter Eckersley'], 'title': 'Panel: Ask the EFF'}, {'presenters': ['Steve Orrin'], 'title': 'The SOA/XML Threat Model and New XML/SOA/Web 2.0 Attacks & Threats'}, {'presenters': ['Alfredo Ortega'], 'title': 'OpenBSD remote Exploit and another IPv6 vulnerabilities'}, {'presenters': ['Chris Palmer', 'Alex Stamos'], 'title': 'Breaking Forensics Software: Weaknesses in Critical Evidence Collection'}, {'presenters': ['Daniel Peck', 'Ben Feinstein'], 'title': 'CaffeineMonkey: Automated Collection, Detection and Analysis of Malicious JavaScript'}, {'presenters': ['Mike Perry'], 'title': 'Securing the Tor Network'}, {'presenters': ['Aaron Peterson'], 'title': 'Pen-testing Wi-Fi'}, {'presenters': ['Pilgrim'], 'title': 'How to be a WiFi Ninja'}, {'presenters': ['Plet'], 'title': 'Stealing Identity Management Systems'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Potter'], 'title': 'Dirty Secrets of the Security Industry'}, {'presenters': ['Danny Quist', 'Valsmith'], 'title': 'Covert Debugging: Circumventing Software Armoring Techniques'}, {'presenters': ['Aviv Raff', 'Iftach Ian Amit'], 'title': 'The Inherent Insecurity of Widgets and Gadgets'}, {'presenters': ['Vivek Ramachandran'], 'title': 'The Emperor Has No Cloak - WEP Cloaking Exposed'}, {'presenters': ['Matt Richard', 'Fred Doyle'], 'title': 'Beyond Vulnerability Scanning - Extrusion and Exploitability Scanning'}, {'presenters': ['Billy Rios', 'Nathan McFeters'], 'title': 'Biting the Hand that Feeds You - Storing and Serving Malicous Content >From Well Known Web Servers'}, {'presenters': ['Martyn Ruks'], 'title': 'MQ Jumping'}, {'presenters': ['Tony Sager'], 'title': 'Vulnerabilities and The Information Assurance Directorate'}, {'presenters': ['Oskar Sandberg'], 'title': 'Network Mathematics: Why is it a Small World?'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Schearer'], 'title': 'The Church of WiFi Presents: Hacking Iraq'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Schneier'], 'title': 'Q & A with Bruce Schneier'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Schrenk'], 'title': 'The Executable Image Exploit'}, {'presenters': ['Ari Schwartz', 'Ben Edelman', 'Eileen Harrington', 'Mario Vuksan'], 'title': 'Panel: Center for Democracy & Technology Anti-Spyware Coalition'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Scott'], 'title': 'THE EDGE OF FOREVER - MAKING COMPUTER HISTORY'}, {'presenters': ['Dror Shalev'], 'title': 'A Crazy Toaster: Can Home Devices Turn Against Us?'}, {'presenters': ['Zed A. Shaw'], 'title': 'Saving The Internet With Hate'}, {'presenters': ['David C. Smith', 'Mickey Laskey'], 'title': 'Cool stuff learned from competing in the DC3 digital forensic challenge'}, {'presenters': ['Squidly1'], 'title': 'Thinking Outside the Console (box)'}, {'presenters': ['Robert Stoudt'], 'title': 'When Tapes Go Missing'}, {'presenters': ['Tom Stracener', 'Marce Luck'], 'title': 'Hacking the EULA: Reverse Benchmarking Web Application Security Scanners'}, {'presenters': ['Subere'], 'title': 'Fingerprinting and Cracking Java Obfuscated Code'}, {'presenters': ['Sysmin', 'Marklar'], 'title': 'Creating Unreliable Systems, Attacking the Systems that Attack You'}, {'presenters': ['Thorn', 'Renderman', 'theprez98'], 'title': "The Church of WiFi's Wireless Extravaganza"}, {'presenters': ['Richard Theime'], 'title': 'Hacking UFOlogy: Thirty Years in the Wilderness of Mirrors'}, {'presenters': ['Marc Weber Tobias', 'Matt Fiddler'], 'title': 'High Insecurity: Locks, Lies, and Liability'}, {'presenters': ['Steve Topletz'], 'title': 'Portable Privacy: Digital Munitions for the Privacy War'}, {'presenters': ['Schuyler Towne'], 'title': 'Locksport: An emerging subculture'}, {'presenters': ['Valsmith', 'Delchi'], 'title': 'Malware Secrets'}, {'presenters': ['Jacob West'], 'title': 'How I Learned to Stop Fuzzing and Find More Bugs'}, {'presenters': ['Thomas Wilhelm'], 'title': 'Turn-Key Pen Test Labs'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Sebastian Ziegler', 'Tatsumori'], 'title': 'Multiplatform malware within the .NET-Framework'}, {'presenters': ['Philip R. Zimmermann'], 'title': 'Z-Phone'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'July 29 - July 31', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Alexis Park Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 2006, 'number': 14, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['atlas'], 'title': 'The Making of atlas: Kiddie to Hacker in 5 Sleepless Nights'}, {'presenters': ['Jay Beale'], 'title': 'Discovering Mac OS X Weaknesses and Fixing Them with the New Bastille OS X Port'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Beckett', 'James Christy SA Andy Fried', 'Mike Jacobs', 'Rich Marshall', 'Ken Privette', 'Keith Rhodes', 'Dave Thomas', 'Tim Fowler', 'Linton Wells', 'Rick Palermo'], 'title': 'Panel: Meet the Fed'}, {'presenters': ['Teli Brown'], 'title': u'Phishing, it starts with \u201a\xc4\xfaPh\u201a\xc4\xf9 for a reason.\xac\u2020Some best practices to detect and prevent for some new point of attack methods'}, {'presenters': ['Wes Brown', 'Scott Dunlop'], 'title': 'Exploit Writing Using Injectable Virtual Machines'}, {'presenters': ['Johnny Cache'], 'title': 'Fun with 802.11 Device Drivers'}, {'presenters': ['Jon Callas'], 'title': 'Traffic Analysis Panel'}, {'presenters': ['Strom Carlson'], 'title': "Hacking FedEx Kinko's: How Not To Implement Stored-Value Card Systems"}, {'presenters': ['Strom Carlson', 'skrooyoo', 'datagram', 'Vidiot'], 'title': 'SOCIAL MESSAGE RELAY: Using existing social networks to transmit covert messages in public'}, {'presenters': ['Robert W. Clark'], 'title': 'Legal Aspects of Computer Self-Defense and Aggressive Self-Defense'}, {'presenters': ['Robert Clark'], 'title': 'Legal Aspects of Internet & Computer Network Defense: A Year in Review Computer and Internet Security Law 2005-2006'}, {'presenters': ['Cindy Cohn', 'Kevin Bankston', 'Kurt Opsahl', 'Jason Schultz', "Danny O''Brien", 'Seth Schoen'], 'title': 'Ask EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties'}, {'presenters': ['Cindy Cohn', 'Kevin Bankston', 'Kurt Opsahl', 'Jason Schultz'], 'title': 'EFF v. AT&T: Your World, Delivered (to the NSA)'}, {'presenters': ['Greg Conti'], 'title': "Googling: I'm Feeling (un)Lucky"}, {'presenters': ['Jared DeMott'], 'title': 'The Evolving Art of Fuzzing'}, {'presenters': ['dr.kaos', 'arcon', 'atlas', 'beth', 'digunix'], 'title': 'SAMAEL (Secure, Anonymous, Megalomaniacal, Autonomous, Encrypting Linux) and NARC (Network Analysis Reporting Console)'}, {'presenters': ['Steve Dunker'], 'title': u'FEAR!(?)\xac\u2020The Census Bureau'}, {'presenters': ['Chris Eagle'], 'title': 'Ripples in the Gene Pool: Creating Genetic Mutations to Survive the Vulerability Window'}, {'presenters': ['Charles Edge aka Krypted'], 'title': '10 Ways To Not Get Caught Hacking On Your Mac'}, {'presenters': ['Charles Edge aka Krypted'], 'title': 'Mac OS X Security Tools'}, {'presenters': ['Riley "Caezar" Eller'], 'title': 'Securing MANET'}, {'presenters': ['Gadi Evron'], 'title': 'DNS Abuse Infrastructure and Games'}, {'presenters': ['Gadi Evron', 'Mudge', 'Paul Vixie', 'Dan Kaminsky', 'Randy Vaughn', 'Dan Hubbard', 'Tim Grasso'], 'title': 'Panel: Internet Wars 2006'}, {'presenters': ['Yuan Fan', 'Xiao Rong'], 'title': 'MatriXay: When Web App & Database Security Pen-Test/Audit Is a Joy'}, {'presenters': ['Halvar Flake'], 'title': 'RE 2006: New Challenges Need Changing Tools'}, {'presenters': ['Foofus'], 'title': 'Graphical Representations of Security Relationships: Awesome or Bullshit?'}, {'presenters': ['FX'], 'title': 'Analysing Complex Systems: The BlackBerry Case'}, {'presenters': ['Joe Grand'], 'title': 'Hardware Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Kenneth Geers', 'Alexander Eisen'], 'title': 'Ipv6 World Update: High Diplomacy & Monster Trucks'}, {'presenters': ['Thomas X. Grasso'], 'title': 'Fighting Organized Cyber Crime'}, {'presenters': ['Lukas Grunwald'], 'title': 'First We Break Your Tag, Then We Break Your Systems Attacks to Rfid Systems'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Gutmann'], 'title': 'Phishing Tips and Techniques: Tackle, Rigging, and How & When to Phish'}, {'presenters': ['Robert J. Hansen'], 'title': 'Trust, But Verify: Auditing Proprietary DRE Systems'}, {'presenters': ['Seth Hardy'], 'title': 'Your Name, Your Shoe Size, Your Identity? What do we Trust in this Web?'}, {'presenters': ['Matt Hargett', 'Luis Miras'], 'title': 'Automatic Exploit Detection in Binaries'}, {'presenters': ['Rick Hill'], 'title': u'WarRocketing: Network Stumbling\xac\u202050 sq. miles in < 60 sec.'}, {'presenters': ['Broward Horne'], 'title': u'Meme Hacking\xac\xf3Subverting The Ideosphere'}, {'presenters': ['Thomas Holt'], 'title': 'Exploring the Changing Nature of DEF CON over the Past 14 Years'}, {'presenters': ['Arias Hung'], 'title': 'Owning the Linksys wrtp54g VOIP Router'}, {'presenters': ['Johan Hybinette'], 'title': 'How to Create an Anonymous Identity'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Kaminsky'], 'title': 'Black Ops 2006'}, {'presenters': ['Alexander Kornbrust'], 'title': 'Oracle Rootkits 2.0'}, {'presenters': ['Isaac Levy (.ike)'], 'title': 'Hacking UNIX with FreeBSD Jail(8), Secure Virtual Servers'}, {'presenters': ['Lin0xx'], 'title': 'Advanced Windows Based Firewall Subversion'}, {'presenters': ['Johnny Long'], 'title': 'Death By 1000 Cuts'}, {'presenters': ['Johnny Long'], 'title': 'Secrets of the Hollywood Hacker!'}, {'presenters': ['Major Malfunction'], 'title': 'Old Skewl Hacking: Magstripe Madness'}, {'presenters': ['Raffael Marty'], 'title': 'Visual Log Analysis - The Beauty of Graphs'}, {'presenters': ['Luis Miras'], 'title': 'Bridging the Gap Between Static and Dynamic Reversing'}, {'presenters': ['Damon McCoy', 'Anmol Sheth'], 'title': 'Zulu A Command Line Wireless Frame Generator'}, {'presenters': ['Scott Moulton'], 'title': 'Rebuilding HARD DRIVES for Data Recovery: Anatomy of a Hard Drive'}, {'presenters': ['Scott Miller'], 'title': 'A New Bioinformatics-Inspired and Binary Analysis: Coding Style/Motif Identification'}, {'presenters': ['Collin Mulliner'], 'title': 'Advanced Attacks Against PocketPC Phones'}, {'presenters': ['R.P. Murphy'], 'title': 'Covert Channels using IPv6/ICMPv6'}, {'presenters': ["Timothy M O''Neill"], 'title': '"What has the NSA done for me lately?"'}, {'presenters': ['Chris Paget'], 'title': 'US-VISIT: Raping personal privacy since 2004'}, {'presenters': ['tommEE pickles'], 'title': '802.1x Networking'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Potter'], 'title': 'Trusted Computing: Could it be... SATAN?'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Rash'], 'title': u'Service Cloaking and Anonymous Access; Combining Tor\xac\u2020with Single Packet Authorization (SPA)'}, {'presenters': ['Renderman', 'Thorn', 'H1kari'], 'title': 'New Wireless Fun From the Church Of WiFi'}, {'presenters': ['Melanie Rieback'], 'title': "A Hacker's Guide to RFID Spoofing and Jamming"}, {'presenters': ['Martyn Ruks'], 'title': u'IBM Networking Attacks\xac\xf3Or The Easiest Way To Own A Mainframe Without Getting The Removals Men In'}, {'presenters': ['Eric Schmiedl'], 'title': 'Safecracking Without a Trace'}, {'presenters': ['Amber Schroader', 'Tyler Cohen'], 'title': 'Cyber-crime Foiled Once Again? Help prove the innocence or guilt of Jack Grove'}, {'presenters': ['SensePost'], 'title': 'A Tale of Two Proxies'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Simmonds', 'Pamela Fusco', 'David Mortman', 'Henry Teng'], 'title': 'The Jericho Forum and Challenge'}, {'presenters': ['Brad Smith'], 'title': 'How the FBI uses NLP on YOU!'}, {'presenters': ['Mark Stamp', 'Wing H. Wong'], 'title': 'Hunting for Metamorphic Engines'}, {'presenters': ['Joe Stewart'], 'title': 'OllyBone: Semi-Automatic Unpacking on IA-32'}, {'presenters': ['Richard Thieme'], 'title': 'Beyond Social Engineering: Tools for Reinventing Yourself'}, {'presenters': ['Irby Thompson', 'Mathew Monroe'], 'title': 'Advanced File System Hiding and Detection'}, {'presenters': ['Marc Weber Tobias', 'Matt Fiddler'], 'title': 'Things That Go "Bump" in the night: An Analysis of Current and Emerging Threats to Physical Security'}, {'presenters': ['Peleus Uhley'], 'title': 'Kiosk Security'}, {'presenters': ['Valsmith', 'Danny Quist'], 'title': 'Hacking Malware: Offense is the new Defense'}, {'presenters': ['Randal Vaughn', 'Gadi Evron'], 'title': 'DNS Amplification Attacks'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Vixie', 'David Dagon'], 'title': 'Malware Repository Requirements'}, {'presenters': ['weasel', 'simple nomad'], 'title': 'The Plausible Deniability Toolkit'}, {'presenters': ['Linton Wells'], 'title': 'UNCLASSIFIED Information Sharing with Non-Traditional Partners'}, {'presenters': ['Rick Wesson'], 'title': 'Abuse and the Global Infection Rate'}, {'presenters': ['Andrew Whitaker'], 'title': 'Corporate Network Spying'}, {'presenters': ['Greg White', 'Kevin Archer'], 'title': 'The National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition'}, {'presenters': ['x30n'], 'title': 'Blackjacking - 0wning the Enterprise via the Blackberry'}, {'presenters': ['Phil Zimmermann'], 'title': 'Turbo-Talk - Special Project VOIP Encryption Update'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'July 29 - July 31', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Alexis Park Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 2005, 'panels': [{'presenters': ['DC Groups'], 'title': 'Panel: A discussion of the regional DEF CON Groups'}], 'number': 13, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['Ofir Arkin'], 'title': 'On the Current State of Remote Active OS Fingerprinting'}, {'presenters': ['Ofir Arkin'], 'title': 'A New Hybrid Approach for Infrastructure Discovery, Monitoring and Control'}, {'presenters': ['Jay Beale'], 'title': 'Introducing the Bastille Hardening Assessment Tool'}, {'presenters': ['Marshall Beddoe'], 'title': 'Reverse Engineering Network Protocols using Bioinformatics'}, {'presenters': ['Scott Blake', 'Pamela Fusco', 'Ken Pfiel', 'Justin Somaini', 'Andre Gold', 'David Mortman'], 'title': 'CISO Q&A with Dark Tangent'}, {'presenters': ['Wes Brown', 'Scott Dunlop'], 'title': 'Mosquito - Secure Remote Code Execution Framework'}, {'presenters': ['Strom Carlson', 'Black Ratchet'], 'title': 'Be Your Own Telephone Company...With Asterisk'}, {'presenters': ['Cerebus'], 'title': 'Analysis of Identity Creation Detection Schemes post- 9/11'}, {'presenters': ['Jim Christy', 'Various other Feds'], 'title': 'Meet the Fed'}, {'presenters': ['Daniel Burroughs'], 'title': 'Auto-adapting Stealth Communication Channels'}, {'presenters': ['Daniel Burroughs'], 'title': 'Development of An Undergraduate Security Program'}, {'presenters': ['Ian Clarke', 'Oskar Sandberg'], 'title': 'Routing in the Dark: Scalable Searches in Dark P2P Networks'}, {'presenters': ['Greg Conti'], 'title': 'Countering Denial of Information Attacks'}, {'presenters': ['Matt Cottam'], 'title': 'Sketchtools: Prototyping Physical Interfaces'}, {'presenters': ['David Cowan'], 'title': 'The Information Security Industry: $3 Billion of Snake Oil'}, {'presenters': ['Amanda Dean'], 'title': 'Whiz Kids or Juvenile Delinquents: A Sociological Perspective The Construction of Hacker Identity'}, {'presenters': ['Steve Dunker'], 'title': u'The Hacker\u201a\xc4\xf4s Guide to Search and Arrest'}, {'presenters': ['Kristofer Erickson'], 'title': 'The Power to Map: How Cyberspace Is Imagined Through Cartography'}, {'presenters': ['Fyodor'], 'title': 'Hacking Nmap'}, {'presenters': ['Leonard Gallion'], 'title': u'A Safecracking Double Feature: Dial \u201a\xc4\xf2B\u201a\xc4\xf4 For BackDialing and Spike the Wonder Safe'}, {'presenters': ['Kenneth Geers'], 'title': 'Hacking in a Foreign Language: A Network Security Guide to Russia (and Beyond)'}, {'presenters': ['Hernan Gips'], 'title': 'Bacon: A Framework for Auditing and Pentesting'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Glasser', 'Deviant Ollam'], 'title': 'Intro to High Security Locks and Safes'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Graham'], 'title': 'Inequality and Risk'}, {'presenters': ['Jennifer Granick'], 'title': 'Top Ten Legal Issues in Computer Security'}, {'presenters': ['Julian Grizzard'], 'title': 'Surgical Recovery from Kernel-Level Rootkit Installations'}, {'presenters': ['Christian Grothoff'], 'title': 'Lost in Translation'}, {'presenters': ['Deral Heiland'], 'title': 'The Insecure Workstation II `bob reloaded'}, {'presenters': ['hellNbak'], 'title': 'Your Defense is Offensive'}, {'presenters': ['Thomas J. Holt'], 'title': u'No Women Allowed?\xac\u2020Exploring Gender Differences In Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Broward Horne'], 'title': 'Meme Mining for Fun and Profit'}, {'presenters': ['Tony Howlett'], 'title': 'GeoIP Blocking, A Controversial But (Sometimes) Effective Approach'}, {'presenters': ['David Hulton'], 'title': 'The Next Generation of Cryptanalytic Hardware'}, {'presenters': ['Robert "hackajar" Imhoff-Dousharm'], 'title': 'Credit Cards: Everything You have Ever Wanted to Know'}, {'presenters': ['jives'], 'title': 'Passive Host Auditing'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Kaminsky'], 'title': 'Black Ops 2005'}, {'presenters': ['Jesse Krembs', 'Nick Farr', 'Emerson Tan', 'Frazier Cunningham', 'Jennifer Granick', 'James Schuyler', 'Christian Wright', 'William Knowles', 'other select members of the Foundation Board.'], 'title': 'Doing Not-For-Profit Tech: The Hacker Foundation Year in Review'}, {'presenters': ['Ben Kurtz'], 'title': 'A Linguistic Platform for Threat Development'}, {'presenters': ['Jonathan Levin'], 'title': 'The Dark Side of Winsock'}, {'presenters': ['Johnny Long'], 'title': u'Death of a Thousand cuts \xac\xf1 Forensics'}, {'presenters': ['Johhny Long'], 'title': 'Google Hacking for Penetration Testers'}, {'presenters': ['Robert E. Lee', 'Jack C. Louis'], 'title': 'Introducing Unicornscan - Riding the Unicorn'}, {'presenters': ['Beth Louis (Phen)'], 'title': "Social Engineering Do's and Don'ts (A Femaie Perspective)"}, {'presenters': ['Kevin McCarthy'], 'title': 'The Six Year Old Hacker: No More Script Kiddies'}, {'presenters': ['Major Malfunction'], 'title': 'Old Skewl Hacking - InfraRed'}, {'presenters': ['Raffael Marty'], 'title': 'Visual Security Event Analysis'}, {'presenters': ['Metalstorm'], 'title': 'Trust Transience: Post Intrusion SSH Hijacking'}, {'presenters': ['Robert Morris'], 'title': 'ATM Network Vulnerabilities'}, {'presenters': ['Mystic'], 'title': 'Hacking the Mind (Influence and NLP)'}, {'presenters': ['Annalee Newitz', 'Wendy Seltzer', 'Kevin Bankston', 'Kurt Opsahl', 'Seth Schoen'], 'title': 'Ask EFF: The Year in Digital Liberties'}, {'presenters': ['Deviant Ollam'], 'title': 'Introduction to Lockpicking and Physical Security'}, {'presenters': ['Dean Pierce', 'Brandon Edwards', 'Anthony Lineberry'], 'title': 'Bypassing Authenticated Wireless Networks'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Potter', 'Beetle', 'CowboyM', 'Dan Moniz', 'Rodney Thayer', '3ricj', 'Pablos'], 'title': 'Shmoo-Fu: Hacker Goo, Goofs, and Gear with the Shmoo'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Potter'], 'title': 'Suicidal Linux'}, {'presenters': ['Roberto Preatoni', 'Fabio Ghioni'], 'title': 'Assymetric Digital Warfare'}, {'presenters': ['RS'], 'title': 'Forensic Data Acquisition Tools'}, {'presenters': ['Raven'], 'title': 'Pen-testing the Backbone'}, {'presenters': ['Jim "FalconRed" Rennie'], 'title': 'Licensing Agreements 101: The Creative Commons License'}, {'presenters': ['San'], 'title': 'Hacking Windows CE'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Scott'], 'title': 'Why Tech Documentaries are Impossible (And why we have to do them anyway.)'}, {'presenters': ['Matthew L. Shuchman "Pilgrim"'], 'title': 'Building WarDriving Hardware Workshop'}, {'presenters': ['Matthew L. Shuchman', 'Frank Thornton', 'Robert V. Hale II'], 'title': 'Legal and Ethical Aspects of WarDriving'}, {'presenters': ['Sensepost'], 'title': 'Automation - Deus ex Machina or Rube Goldberg Machine?'}, {'presenters': ['Simple Nomad', {'the NMRC Collective': ['hellnback', 'ertia', 'Weasel', 'jRandom', 'MadHat']}], 'title': 'The NMRC Warez 2005 Extravaganza'}, {'presenters': ['Alexey Smirnov', 'Tzi-cker Chiueh'], 'title': 'DIRA: Automatic Detection, Identification, and Repair of Control-Hijacking Attacks'}, {'presenters': ['Sherri Sparks', 'Jamie Butler'], 'title': '"Shadow Walker" -- Raising The Bar For Rootkit Detection'}, {'presenters': ['Alex Stamos', 'Scott Stender'], 'title': 'Attacking Web Services: The Next Generation of Vulnerable Apps'}, {'presenters': ['StankDawg'], 'title': 'Hacking Google AdWords'}, {'presenters': ['Elizabeth Stark', 'Fred Benenson'], 'title': 'The Revolution Will Not Be Copyrighted: Why You Should Care About Free Culture'}, {'presenters': ['Wesley Tanner', 'Nick Lane-Smith'], 'title': 'End-to-End Voice Encryption over GSM: A Different Approach'}, {'presenters': ['Richard Thieme'], 'title': 'Recapturing the Revolutionary Heart of Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Vixie'], 'title': "The Internet's March of Folly: How, from ARPA to WSIS, Internet governance has consistently pursued policies contrary to its self interest"}, {'presenters': ['Paul Vixie', 'Gadi Evron'], 'title': 'Internet Survivability, Threats and Efforts'}, {'presenters': ['Patty L. Walsh'], 'title': 'Hackers and the Media- Misconceptions and Critical Tools To Combat Them'}, {'presenters': ['Mark Weber Tobias', 'Matt Fiddler'], 'title': 'Physical Security Bypass Techniques: Exploring the Ethics of Full Disclosure'}, {'presenters': ['Dr. Linton Wells'], 'title': 'Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration'}, {'presenters': ['Chuck Willis'], 'title': 'Trends in Licensing of Security Tools'}, {'presenters': ['Zamboni'], 'title': 'Attacking Biometric Access Control Systems'}, {'presenters': ['Philip R. Zimmermann'], 'title': 'The Unveiling of My Next Big Project'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'July 30 - August 1', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Alexis Park Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 2004, 'panels': [{'presenters': ['Annalee Newitz', 'Wendy Seltzer', 'Kevin Bankston', 'Seth Schoen', 'Jennifer Granick'], 'title': 'Panel: Ask EFF'}, {'title': 'Panel: Meet the Fed'}], 'number': 12, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['A'], 'title': 'Weaknesses in Satellite Television Protection Schemes'}, {'presenters': ['Tony Arcieri'], 'title': 'PDTP -- The Peer Distributed Transfer Protocol'}, {'presenters': ['Jay Beale'], 'title': 'Locking Down Apache'}, {'presenters': ['Adam Bresson'], 'title': 'Identification Evasion'}, {'presenters': ['Jamie Butler'], 'title': 'VICE -- Catch the Hookers!'}, {'presenters': ['Jon Callas'], 'title': 'How Do We Get The World To Use Message Security'}, {'presenters': ['Tzi-cker Chiueh'], 'title': 'Program Semantics- Aware Intrusion Detection'}, {'presenters': ['Ian Clarke'], 'title': "Freenet: Taming the World's Largest Tamagotchi"}, {'presenters': ['CrimethInc'], 'title': 'Electronic Civil Disobedience and the Republican National Convention'}, {'presenters': ['Greg Conti'], 'title': 'Network Attack Visualization'}, {'presenters': ['Gene Cronk'], 'title': 'IPv6 Primer'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Davis'], 'title': 'The Open Source Security Myth -- And How to Make it A Reality'}, {'presenters': ['Dead Addict'], 'title': 'Hacking the Media, and avoiding being Hacked by the Media'}, {'presenters': ['Dario D. Diaz'], 'title': 'DMCA, Then and Now'}, {'presenters': ['Roger Dingledine'], 'title': 'Tor: An Anonymizing Overlay Network For TCP'}, {'presenters': ['Maximillian Dornseif'], 'title': 'Far More Than You Ever Wanted To Tell -- Hidden Data In Document Formats'}, {'presenters': ['Elonka Dunin'], 'title': 'Kryptos and the Cracking of the Cyrillic Projector Cipher'}, {'presenters': ['Charles Edge'], 'title': 'Hacking/Security Mac OSX Server aka Wussy Panther'}, {'presenters': ['D. Egan'], 'title': u'MySQL Passwords\xac\xf3 Password Strength and Cracking'}, {'presenters': ['Rakan El-Khalil'], 'title': 'Information Hiding in Executable Binaries'}, {'presenters': ['FX', 'Halvar Flake'], 'title': 'We Can Take It From Here'}, {'presenters': ['Peter D. Feaver', 'Kenneth Geers'], 'title': 'The First International Cyber War'}, {'presenters': ['Seth Fogie'], 'title': u'Attacking Windows Mobile PDA\u201a\xc4\xf4s'}, {'presenters': ['Foofus'], 'title': 'Old Tricks'}, {'presenters': ['Scott Fullam'], 'title': 'Introduction to Hardware Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Geoffrey', 'Mark Farver'], 'title': 'This Space Intentionally Left Blank'}, {'presenters': ['Sarah Gordon'], 'title': 'What Do You Mean, Privacy?'}, {'presenters': ['Joe Grand'], 'title': 'Advanced Hardware Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Rachel Greenstadt'], 'title': 'Tools for Censorship Resistance'}, {'presenters': ['Grifter', 'Russ Rogers', 'Tierra'], 'title': 'Project Prometheus'}, {'presenters': ['Lukas Grunwald'], 'title': 'RF-ID and Smart-Labels'}, {'presenters': ['Nathan Hamiel'], 'title': 'Down with the RIAA, Musicians Against the Recording Industry'}, {'presenters': ['Seth Hardy'], 'title': 'Subliminal Channels In Digital Signatures'}, {'presenters': ['Deral Heiland'], 'title': 'The Insecure Workstation'}, {'presenters': ['h1kari'], 'title': 'Smart Card Security'}, {'presenters': ['Thorsten Holz', 'Maximillian Dornseif', 'Christian Klein'], 'title': u'NoSEBrEaK\xac\xf3Defeating Honeynets'}, {'presenters': ['Cameron "nummish" Hotchkies'], 'title': 'Blind SQL Injection Automation Techniques'}, {'presenters': ['IcE tRe'], 'title': 'Virus, Worms and Trojans: Where are we going?'}, {'presenters': ['Robert "hackajar" Imhoff-Dousharm', 'Jonathan "ripshy" Duncan'], 'title': 'Credit Card Networks Revisted: Penetration in Real-Time'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Kaminsky'], 'title': 'Black Ops of TCP/IP 2004'}, {'presenters': ['Jesse Krembs', 'Nicholas Farr'], 'title': 'The Hacker Foundation'}, {'presenters': ['Adam Laurie', 'Martin Herfurt'], 'title': u'Bluesnarfing\xac\xf3The Risk From Digital Pickpockets'}, {'presenters': ['j0hnny long'], 'title': 'Google Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Lucky 225'], 'title': 'Phreaking in the Age of Voice Over IP'}, {'presenters': ['Kevin Mahaffey'], 'title': u'Smile, You\u201a\xc4\xf4re on Candid Camera!'}, {'presenters': ['Nick Mathewson'], 'title': 'Snake Oil Anonymity'}, {'presenters': ['Rebecca Mercuri', 'Bev Harris'], 'title': 'Hack the Vote: Election 2004'}, {'presenters': ['Doug Mohney'], 'title': 'DIGEX -- At the Dawn of the Commercial Internet'}, {'presenters': ['Brett Moore'], 'title': 'Shoot the Messenger'}, {'presenters': ['Todd Moore'], 'title': 'Cracking Net2Phone'}, {'presenters': ['Robert Morris'], 'title': 'The History of the Future'}, {'presenters': ['Brett Neilson'], 'title': 'The Advantages of Being an Amateur'}, {'presenters': ['Ne0nRa1n'], 'title': 'Better than Life - Manipulation of The Human Brain With The Use of Machines'}, {'presenters': ['n0namehere'], 'title': 'Real World Privacy, How to Leave Less of A Trail in Life'}, {'presenters': ['Nothingface'], 'title': 'Automotive Networks'}, {'presenters': ["Sean O''Toole"], 'title': 'Mutating the Mutators'}, {'presenters': ['Laurent Oudot'], 'title': 'Digital Active Self Defense'}, {'presenters': ['Dr. Larry Ponemon'], 'title': 'The DEF CON Surveys'}, {'presenters': ['Michael T. Raggo'], 'title': 'Steganography, Steganalysis, & Cryptanalysis'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Rash'], 'title': 'Advanced Netfilter; Content Replacement (ala Snort_inline), and Port Knocking Based on Passive OS Fingerprinting'}, {'presenters': ['Len Sassaman'], 'title': 'Mixmaster vs. Reliable'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Scott'], 'title': 'Digitizations And Documentary'}, {'presenters': ['Wendy Seltzer', 'Seth Schoen'], 'title': 'Hacking the Spectrum'}, {'presenters': ['Sensepost'], 'title': 'When the Tables Turn'}, {'presenters': ['The Shmoo Group'], 'title': 'Wireless Weaponry'}, {'presenters': ['spoonm', 'HD Moore'], 'title': 'Bubonic Buffer Overflow'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Silberman', 'Richard Johnson'], 'title': 'A Comparison of Buffer Overflow Prevention Implementations and Weaknesses'}, {'presenters': ['Joshua Teitelbaum', 'Peter Leung'], 'title': 'CryptoMail Encrypted E-Mail for All (Including Grandma)'}, {'presenters': ['Richard Thieme'], 'title': 'Quantum Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Ian Vitek'], 'title': 'Exploring Terminal Services, The Last 12 Month of Research. Or, The Evil Admin And His Tools'}, {'presenters': ['Kathy Wang'], 'title': 'Frustrating OS Fingerprinting with Morph'}, {'presenters': ['Wavyhill', 'Andre Goldman'], 'title': 'Toward a Private Digital Economy'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Wouters'], 'title': 'Windows WaveSEC Deployment'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'August 1 - August 3', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Alexis Park Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 2003, 'panels': [{'presenters': ['Len Sassaman', 'Peter Palfrader', 'noise', 'Michael Shinn', 'Ryan Lackey'], 'title': 'Behind the Remailers [ Panel Discussion ]'}, {'presenters': [{'NMRC': 'Simple Nomad'}, 'Inertia', 'jrandom', 'Weasel', 'Cyberiad', 'Sioda an Cailleach', 'HellNbak'], 'title': 'Free Your Mind: The NMRC Info/Warez [ Panel Discussion ]'}, {'presenters': ['Tom Parker', 'Matt Devost', 'Marcus H. Sachs', 'Toby Miller'], 'title': 'Adversary Characterization and Scoring Systems [ Panel Discussion ]'}, {'presenters': ['Abaddon', 'Dragorn', 'Anton Rager', 'Joshua Wright', 'h1kari'], 'title': 'Abusing 802.11 [ Panel Discussion ]'}], 'number': 11, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['Leia Amidon', 'Omar Ahmed', 'David McLeod', 'Harry Regan'], 'title': 'After Napster'}, {'presenters': ['Greg Conti'], 'title': 'Interface Design of Hacking Tools'}, {'presenters': ['Bryan Glancey'], 'title': 'PDA Insecurity'}, {'presenters': ['Robert Imhoff-Dousharm'], 'title': 'Credit Card Networks 101'}, {'presenters': ['OldSkoolS'], 'title': 'Satellite TV Technology'}, {'presenters': ['ParanoidAndroid'], 'title': 'Beat the Casinos At Their Own Game'}, {'presenters': ['Bill Scannell'], 'title': 'Punishing Collaborators Redux'}, {'presenters': ['Phil Zimmermann'], 'title': 'A Conversation with Phil Zimmermann'}, {'title': 'Defcon 11: Attack!'}, {'presenters': ['Adam Bresson'], 'title': 'Manyonymity'}, {'presenters': ['Silvio Cesare'], 'title': 'Opensource Kernel Auditing and Exploitation'}, {'presenters': ['Seth Fogie'], 'title': 'Embedded Reverse Engineering'}, {'presenters': ['FX'], 'title': 'More Embedded Systems'}, {'presenters': ['Icer'], 'title': 'Why Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection Systems Are A Hackers Best Friend'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Kaminsky'], 'title': 'Stack Black Ops'}, {'presenters': ['Beetle', 'Bruce Potter'], 'title': 'Airsnarf'}, {'presenters': ['SensePost'], 'title': 'Putting The Tea Back Into CyberTerrorism'}, {'presenters': ['Spyde~1', 'AutoNiN', 'Mystic'], 'title': 'The UPS (Undetectable Packet Sniffer)'}, {'title': 'Defcon 11: Agents, Trojans & Viruses'}, {'presenters': ['Viki Navratilova'], 'title': "Today's Modern Network Killing Robot"}, {'presenters': ['Brett Neilson'], 'title': 'Malicious Code & Wireless Networks'}, {'presenters': ["Sean O''Toole"], 'title': 'Metamorphic Viruses'}, {'presenters': ['Daniel Roelker'], 'title': 'HTTP IDS Evasions Revisited'}, {'presenters': ['Jonathan Wignall'], 'title': 'Network Worms'}, {'title': 'Defcon 11: The Big Picture'}, {'presenters': ['Susan W. Brenner'], 'title': 'Toward a Criminal Law for Cyberspace'}, {'presenters': ['Cindy Cohn'], 'title': 'What Hackers Need to Know About Post 9/11 Legal Changes'}, {'presenters': ['Eric Goldman'], 'title': 'Criminal Copyright Infringement and Warez Trading'}, {'presenters': ['Wendy Seltzer'], 'title': "The Internet's Private Cops"}, {'presenters': ['Richard Thieme'], 'title': 'Hacker Generations'}, {'presenters': ['Mikko Valimaki', 'Ville Oksanen'], 'title': 'The Story of EFFI'}, {'title': 'Defcon 11: Defend!'}, {'presenters': ['Mick Bauer'], 'title': 'Self-Abuse For Smarter Log Monitoring'}, {'presenters': ['Jay Beale'], 'title': 'Locking Down Mac OS X'}, {'presenters': ['Inertia'], 'title': 'Introducing nmrcOS'}, {'presenters': ['Rich Murphey'], 'title': 'Intrusion Prevention Techniques on Windows and Unix'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Sutton', 'Pedram Amini'], 'title': 'Hacking the Invisible Network'}, {'title': 'Defcon 11: Net Recon'}, {'presenters': ['Ofir Arkin'], 'title': 'Revolutionizing Operating System Fingerprinting'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Clip'], 'title': 'Hacking From the Palm of Your Hand'}, {'presenters': ['Fyodor'], 'title': 'Advanced Network Reconnaissance Techniques'}, {'presenters': ['Chris Hurley (aka Roamer)'], 'title': 'The WorldWide WarDrive'}, {'presenters': ['Tony (aka Xam) Kapela'], 'title': 'Fashonably Late - What Your Networks RTT Says About Itself'}, {'presenters': ['Joe Klein', 'CISSP'], 'title': u'Information Leakage\xac\xf3 You posted what?!'}, {'presenters': ['Johnny Long'], 'title': 'Watching the Watchers'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Potter'], 'title': 'Bluetooth'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Schrenk'], 'title': 'Online Corporate Intelligence'}, {'title': 'Defcon 11: Physical Security'}, {'presenters': ['Criticalmass', 'Matt (404)'], 'title': 'Social Engineering Fundamentals'}, {'presenters': ['Michael D. Glasser'], 'title': 'OSI Layer 1 Security'}, {'presenters': ['Grifter'], 'title': 'Dumpster Diving'}, {'presenters': ['Ryan Lackey'], 'title': 'HavenCo'}, {'presenters': ['Jeffrey Prusan'], 'title': 'Technical Security Countermeasures'}, {'title': 'Defcon 11: Privacy / Anonymity'}, {'presenters': ['Jaya Baloo'], 'title': 'Government IP_TAPPING'}, {'presenters': ["Chung''s Donut Shop"], 'title': 'The Luna Correspondence Protocol'}, {'presenters': ['Lenard Kleinrock', 'Sally Richards'], 'title': 'At Risk! Privacy'}, {'presenters': ['Mystic'], 'title': 'Mimicry'}, {'presenters': ['Cat Okita'], 'title': 'Aura'}, {'presenters': ['Daniel C. Silverstein', 'Damon McCormick'], 'title': 'Increasing The Security of Your Election by Fixing It'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Wouters'], 'title': 'Deploying DNSSEC'}, {'title': 'Defcon 11: Web & Database Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Gregoire Gentil'], 'title': 'Hack Any Website'}, {'presenters': ['Brian Hurley', 'Ann Gabriel'], 'title': 'Internet Radio Politics'}, {'presenters': ['tommEE pickles'], 'title': 'Streaming Media Theft and Protection'}, {'presenters': ['Roberto Preatoni (akaSyS64738)'], 'title': 'The Future Frontiers of Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['David Rhoades'], 'title': 'Hacking Web Apps'}, {'presenters': ['Matthew Shannon'], 'title': '_vti_fpxploitation'}, {'presenters': ['Robert Sheehy'], 'title': 'Theft of Service Attacks'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'August 2 - August 4', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Alexis Park Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 2002, 'number': 10, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['Jay Beale'], 'title': 'Attacking & Securing FTP'}, {'presenters': ['Rich Bodo'], 'title': 'It is Now Safe to Compile Your Phone System'}, {'presenters': ['John Dodge', 'Steve S. Mautsatsos', 'Bernadette H. Schell'], 'title': 'Should Organizations Employ Hackers? Implications Drawn From the Book Hacking of America'}, {'presenters': ['Aaron Higbee', 'Chris Davis'], 'title': 'DC Phone Home'}, {'presenters': ['Humperdink'], 'title': 'Securing Your Windows Internet Server'}, {'presenters': ['Dennis Mattison aka Littlewolf'], 'title': 'Network Printers and Other Network Devices, Vulnerabilities and Fixes'}, {'presenters': ['Thomas Munn', 'tgr2mfx'], 'title': 'Using Filesystem Crypto and Other Approaches to Protect Your Data/Privacy on BSD and LINUX'}, {'presenters': ['Ian Clarke'], 'title': 'Freenet, Past, Present, and Future Direction'}, {'presenters': ['Roger Dingledine'], 'title': 'The Mixminion Anonymous Remailer Protocol'}, {'presenters': ['Jennifer Granick'], 'title': 'The USA PATRIOT Act & You'}, {'presenters': ['Christian Grothoff'], 'title': 'GNUNet'}, {'presenters': ['Khan'], 'title': 'Stealth Data Dispersal: ICMP Moon-Bounce'}, {'presenters': ['Ryan Lackey'], 'title': 'Anonymous, Secure, Open Electronic Cash'}, {'presenters': ['John Q. Newman'], 'title': 'Post 9/11 Privacy'}, {'presenters': ['Len Sassaman'], 'title': 'Anonymity Services and the Law: How to Safely Provide Anonymous Technology on the Internet'}, {'presenters': ['Agent OJ'], 'title': 'Applescript (in) Security in OS X'}, {'presenters': ['Ofir Arkin'], 'title': 'XProbe, The Year After'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Burroughs'], 'title': 'Correlation & Tracking of Distributed IDS'}, {'presenters': ['Ian Peters'], 'title': 'Rubicon - An Extensible Gateway IDS'}, {'presenters': ['Steve Schear'], 'title': 'GNU Radio'}, {'presenters': ['Jaeson Schultz', 'Lawrence Baldwin'], 'title': 'Extreme IP Backtracing'}, {'presenters': ['T3-Fred Trotter'], 'title': 'Operating System Fingerprinting Library'}, {'presenters': ['Scott Blake'], 'title': 'The Politics of Vulnerabilities'}, {'presenters': ['Adam Bresson'], 'title': 'Consumer Media Protections'}, {'presenters': ['Joe Burton', 'William Reilly'], 'title': 'Dmitry Sklyarov and the DMCA: 12 Months Later'}, {'presenters': ['Lucky Green'], 'title': 'Trusted Computing Platform Alliance: The Mother(board) of all Big Brothers'}, {'presenters': ['Simple Nomad'], 'title': 'Widdershins: The Hacker Nation'}, {'presenters': ['Richard Thieme'], 'title': '1992 ... 2002 ... 2012 ...Hacking: The Next Ten Years'}, {'presenters': ['Wilco Van Ginkel'], 'title': 'The Other Side of Information Security'}, {'presenters': ['Panel Discussion'], 'title': 'Disclosure: The Mother of All Vulnerabilities'}, {'presenters': ['Philippe Biondi'], 'title': 'Security at Kernel Level'}, {'presenters': ['DJ Sweet Sensation'], 'title': 'SNMP Attacks/Security'}, {'presenters': ['David Endler', 'Michael Sutton'], 'title': 'Web Application Brute Forcing 101 - "Enemy of the State (Mechanism)"'}, {'presenters': ['FX', 'FtR'], 'title': 'Attacking Networked Embedded Systems'}, {'presenters': ['Gingerbread Man'], 'title': 'Lock Picking: Techniques and Tools for High Security'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Glasser CRL aka Laz'], 'title': 'High Security Locks, and Access Control Products'}, {'presenters': ['Cyrus Pekiri', 'Seth Fogie'], 'title': 'Hacking .NET Server'}, {'presenters': ['Ian Vitek'], 'title': 'Citrix and Terminal Services'}, {'presenters': ['Ken Caruso'], 'title': 'Community Wireless Networks: Friend or Foe to the Telecom Industry'}, {'presenters': ['Brett Eldridge'], 'title': 'Mobile VPN Vulnerabilities & Solutions'}, {'presenters': ['Nicholas Fischbach and Sebastien Lacoste-Seris'], 'title': 'Layer 2, Routing Protocols, Router Security & Forensics'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Kaminsky'], 'title': 'Black Ops of TCP/IP: Work NAT, Work. Good NAT. Woof'}, {'presenters': ['Matthew Marsh'], 'title': 'Replacing TripWire with SNMPv3'}, {'presenters': ['Greg Miles'], 'title': 'Anatomy of Denial of Service Mitigation Testing'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Potter', "Tony 'Xam' Kapela", 'Adam Shand'], 'title': 'Wireless Networking'}, {'presenters': ['zSnark'], 'title': 'Building Secure Wireless Networks'}, {'presenters': ['Jay Beale'], 'title': 'Bastille Linux 2.0: Six Operating Systems and Still Going!'}, {'presenters': ['Chris Hurley'], 'title': 'Hardening Solaris Installs'}, {'presenters': ['Rich Murphey'], 'title': 'FreeBSD Exploits & Remedies'}, {'presenters': ['SkrooYou', 'Grifter'], 'title': "Resurrecting the Scene through Local 'Hacker' Meetings"}, {'presenters': ['Kevin Spett'], 'title': 'SQL Injection'}, {'presenters': ['TechnoDragon'], 'title': 'Making a Non-portable Computer System Portable'}, {'presenters': ['Vic Vandal'], 'title': 'Intelligence Gathering'}, {'presenters': ['Elonka Dunin'], 'title': 'Cryptography and Steganography'}, {'presenters': ['FozZy'], 'title': 'Advanced Shellcodes'}, {'presenters': ['Robert V1ru5 Lupo'], 'title': 'Introduction to Computer Viruses: Understanding the Fundamentals of How to Identify, Remove and Defend Against Hostile Code'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Rogers'], 'title': 'Steganographic Trojans'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Schrenk'], 'title': 'Introduction to Writing Spiders & Web Agents'}, {'presenters': ['Roelof Temmingh', 'Haroon Meer'], 'title': 'Setiri: Advances in Trojan Technology'}, {'presenters': ['Mick Bauer'], 'title': 'Stealthful Sniffing, Logging, and Intrusion Detection: Useful and Fun Things You Can Do Without an IP Address'}, {'presenters': ['Andrew Hintz'], 'title': 'Covert Channels in TCP and IP Headers'}, {'presenters': ['Sean Lewis'], 'title': 'BSD Security Fundamentals'}, {'presenters': ['Thomas Rude aka Farmerdude'], 'title': 'Next Generation Data Forensics & Linux'}, {'presenters': ['Huagang Xie'], 'title': 'LIDS'}, {'presenters': ['Dr. Walter C. Daugherity'], 'title': 'Quantum Computing 101: How to Crack RSA'}, {'presenters': ['Error'], 'title': 'Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)'}, {'presenters': ['GOBBLES Security'], 'title': 'Wolves Among Us'}, {'presenters': ['hellNbak'], 'title': 'Selling Out For Fun and Profit'}, {'presenters': ['Nate Rotschafer'], 'title': 'Stage Biometric Authentication'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'July 13 - July 15', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Alexis Park Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 2001, 'panels': [{'presenters': ['Jim Christy'], 'title': 'Meet the FED Panel'}], 'number': 9, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['FX'], 'title': 'Attacking Control, Routing, and Tunneling Protocols.'}, {'presenters': ['Thor'], 'title': 'Grabbing User Credentials via W2k ODBC Libraries.'}, {'presenters': ['Ofir Arkin'], 'title': 'Introducing X: Playing Tricks With ICMP'}, {'presenters': ['Robert Grill', 'Michael Cohen'], 'title': 'Windows NT and Novell Host Based Intrusion Detection Using Native Logging and 3 rd Party Log Reporting Tools'}, {'presenters': ['Mark Grimes'], 'title': 'TCP/IP Intelligent Agents: The Future of Electronic Warfare and Defense'}, {'presenters': ['Phil King'], 'title': '8 bits and 8 pins: More Fun with Microcontroller Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['TechnoDragon'], 'title': 'Hardware Mods'}, {'presenters': ['Raven Alder'], 'title': 'A Perl Script That Tracks DoS Attacks Across Cisco Backbones'}, {'presenters': ['Robert Muncy'], 'title': 'Securing Cisco Routers'}, {'presenters': ['Thomas J. Munn'], 'title': 'Using OpenBSD, Snort, Linux and A Few Other Tricks To Set Up A Transparent *ACTIVE* IDS'}, {'presenters': ['Anders Ingeborn'], 'title': 'Designing Small Payloads'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Potter', 'Adam'], 'title': 'The Captive Portal'}, {'presenters': ['Kevin McPeake', 'Chris Goggans'], 'title': 'Falling Dominoes'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Kaminsky'], 'title': 'Gateway Cryptography: Hacking Impossible Tunnels Through Improbable Networks with OpenSSH and the GNU Privacy Guard'}, {'presenters': ['Dmitry Sklyarov', 'Andy Malyshev'], 'title': u'eBooks Security \xac\xf1 Theory and Practice'}, {'presenters': ['Optyx'], 'title': 'KIS: Kernel Intrusion System'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Peel'], 'title': 'Cypherpunk Grade Covert Network Channels'}, {'presenters': ['K2'], 'title': 'Polymorphic Shell Code API'}, {'presenters': ['Rob Schein'], 'title': 'Evaluating VPN Solutions'}, {'presenters': ['Adam Bresson'], 'title': 'Data Mining with PHP'}, {'presenters': ['Biing Jong Lin', 'Chieh Chun Lin', 'Jan Che Su'], 'title': 'Survey of Country-Wide Web Server Security'}, {'presenters': ['Nick Farr'], 'title': 'Designing Secure Interfaces "for Dummies"'}, {'presenters': ['Richard Thieme'], 'title': 'Hacking a Trans-Planetary Net'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Shipley'], 'title': '802.11b War Driving and LAN Jacking'}, {'presenters': ['Michael Wilson'], 'title': 'Hacker Doctrine in Information Warfare'}, {'presenters': ['Marcus Andersson'], 'title': 'Firewalling Wireless Devices'}, {'presenters': ['Jay Beale'], 'title': 'Attacking and Securing RedHat'}, {'presenters': ['Daniel J. Burroughs'], 'title': 'Applying Information Warfare Theory to Generate a Higher Level of Knowledge from Current IDS'}, {'presenters': ['Dr. Ian Goldberg'], 'title': 'Arranging an Anonymous Rendezvous: Privacy Protection for Internet Servers'}, {'presenters': ['Keith Nugent'], 'title': 'Windows 2000 Security: How to Lock Down Your Win2k Boxes'}, {'presenters': ['Brenno de Winter'], 'title': 'IPV6 Security'}, {'presenters': ['HC'], 'title': 'NTFS Alternate Data Streams'}, {'presenters': ['Bryan Glancey'], 'title': 'Weakest Link'}, {'presenters': ['Simple Nomad'], 'title': 'Widdershins: De-evolution and the Politics of Technology'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Schneier'], 'title': 'Bruce Schneier Answers Questions'}, {'presenters': ['Enrique Sanchez'], 'title': 'Distributed Intrusion Detection System Evasion'}, {'presenters': ['William Tafoya'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Stephen Hsu'], 'title': "SafeWeb's Triangle Boy: IP Spoofing and Strong Encryption in Sservice of a Free Internet."}, {'presenters': ['CdC'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Lile Elam'], 'title': 'Renagade Wireless Networks, Creating Connectivity on Demand'}, {'presenters': ['Dennis Salguero'], 'title': 'The Business Side of Starting Your Own Consulting Firm and How They Can Succeed'}, {'presenters': ['Robert Graham'], 'title': 'The Principals of Cyber-Anarchy.'}, {'presenters': ['The Defendant'], 'title': 'So You Got Your Lame Ass Sued: A Legal Narrative'}, {'presenters': ['Barry J. Stiefel'], 'title': 'NAT for Newbies and Not-So-Newbies: A Tutorial'}, {'presenters': ['Dario D. Diaz', 'Esq.'], 'title': 'Digital Millenium Copyright Act'}, {'presenters': ['Dr. Cyrus Peikari'], 'title': 'An Open Source, International, Attenuated Computer Virus'}, {'presenters': ['Shatter'], 'title': 'FAQ The Newbies: Information for People New to Security, Hacking or Defcon'}, {'presenters': ['Len Sassaman'], 'title': 'What is SSL, a CA, and FreeCert?'}, {'presenters': ['Jennifer Granick'], 'title': 'European Cybercrime Treaty'}, {'presenters': ['Ryan Lackey'], 'title': 'HavenCo: One Year Later'}, {'presenters': ['John L. Dodge', 'Bernadette H. Schell'], 'title': 'Laurentian University Hacker Study Update'}, {'presenters': ['Sharad'], 'title': 'Security & Privacy are Critically Important Issues in Todays Digitally Connected Age.'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Moniz'], 'title': 'The Impact of P2P on Security in the Enterprise'}, {'presenters': ['Freaky'], 'title': 'OS/X and Macintosh Security'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'July 28 - July 30', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Alexis Park Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 2000, 'panels': [{'title': 'Legal Panel'}], 'number': 8, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['Tim Lawless', 'Saint Jude'], 'title': 'Modeling, Detecting and Responding to Unauthorized Root Transitions'}, {'presenters': ['Robert Graham'], 'title': 'Evading Network-based Intrusion Detection Systems'}, {'presenters': ['Ian Vitek'], 'title': 'IP-spoofing and source routing connections with Linux 2.0.X'}, {'presenters': ['Bennett Haselton'], 'title': 'A Protocol That Uses Steganography to Circumvent Network Level Censorship'}, {'presenters': ['Greg Hoglund'], 'title': 'Advanced Buffer Overflow Techniques'}, {'presenters': ['Phil King'], 'title': '8-Bit Redux: Microcontroller Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Mythrandir'], 'title': 'Penetrating B1 Trusted Operating Systems'}, {'presenters': ['Evil Wrangler'], 'title': 'Building a Backdoor Binary (featuring SSH 2.0.13)'}, {'presenters': ['Adam Bresson'], 'title': 'Palm OS Security'}, {'presenters': ['ghandi'], 'title': 'Dot-Com Smashing: Buffer Overflows on the SPARC'}, {'presenters': ['syke'], 'title': 'Opensource Utilities and How to Use Them To Test IDSes and Firewalls'}, {'presenters': ['Kent Radek'], 'title': ' - Designing An Anonymous Network'}, {'presenters': ['Chris Goggans', 'Kevin McPeake', 'Wouter Aukema'], 'title': 'Lotus Notes/Domino Security'}, {'presenters': ['John S. Flowers'], 'title': 'Network IDS - Do Not Bend, Fold, Spindle or Mutilate'}, {'presenters': ['blanu'], 'title': "Freenet 101 + Why We're Anonymous"}, {'presenters': ['jeru'], 'title': 'Advanced Evasion of IDS Buffer Overflow Detection'}, {'presenters': ['Subterrain Security Group (SSG)'], 'title': 'The Impact of Passive Network Mapping in Distributed Environments'}, {'presenters': ['Gregory B. White'], 'title': u'The USAFA Cadet Hacking Case:\xac\u2020What Both Sides Should Learn About Computer Forensics'}, {'presenters': ['Ron Moritz'], 'title': 'Proactive Defense Against Malicious Code'}, {'presenters': ['D-Krypt'], 'title': 'Web Application Security'}, {'presenters': ['David J. DiCenso'], 'title': 'The Citizen Hacker: Patriot or War Criminal?'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Scott'], 'title': 'TEXTFILES.COM : ONE YEAR LATER'}, {'presenters': ['Mr. Mojo'], 'title': 'Windows 2000 Security'}, {'presenters': ['Ian Goldberg'], 'title': "Using the Internet Pseudonymously III: It's Alive!"}, {'presenters': ['Ender'], 'title': 'Demonstration and presentation of the Autonomous Nodes that Batz and Caezar presented in concept at BlackHat Singapore'}, {'presenters': ['Phillip J. Loranger'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Simple Nomad'], 'title': 'A How-to Regarding Network Mapping That Covers Some Interesting Techniques Not Commonly Used'}, {'presenters': ['noise'], 'title': u'Anonymous Remailers:\xac\u2020The Importance of Widely-available Anonymity In An Age of Big Brother'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Schneier'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['John Q. Newman'], 'title': 'Fake ID by Mail and Modem'}, {'presenters': ['John Q. Newman'], 'title': '10 Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Privacy'}, {'presenters': ['Richard Thieme'], 'title': 'Social Engineering at Def Con:Games Hackers Play'}, {'presenters': ['Eric Sinrod'], 'title': 'Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act'}, {'presenters': ['Sarah Gordon'], 'title': 'Virus Writers: The End of The Innocence'}, {'presenters': ['Aaron Grothe'], 'title': 'Tunneling and Firewalls'}, {'presenters': ['V1ru5', '*Hobbit*'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['CdC'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Wyatt'], 'title': 'Radio Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Thomas Munn'], 'title': 'Need for Home-based Firewalls'}, {'presenters': ['V1ru5'], 'title': 'Virus talk: An Introduction To Computer Viruses'}, {'presenters': ['Mr. Nasty'], 'title': 'Using Tools To Obtain Recon on NT Networks'}, {'presenters': ['Jennifer Granick', 'Grant Gottfriend'], 'title': 'The Law and Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Mike Scher'], 'title': 'What is DNS and alt Roots? What Are Alternate Roots and Why Does Internet Duck'}, {'presenters': ['DDT - PGP'], 'title': 'What PGP and Crypto Is and How to Use (and Not Use) It'}, {'presenters': ['Thomas Munn'], 'title': 'How To Make a Linux Firewall with IP-chains'}, {'presenters': ['Freaky'], 'title': 'Security and Hacking of the MacOS and Details of OSX'}, {'presenters': ['Pyr0'], 'title': 'FAQ the Kiddies'}, {'presenters': ['Daremoe'], 'title': 'System Profiling: Target Analysis or How Crackers Find You'}, {'presenters': ['Natasha Gregori'], 'title': 'Hacktivits to Activists - Making the Transition'}, {'presenters': ['Jim McCoy'], 'title': 'Majo Nation: Building a Next Generation Distributed Data Service'}, {'presenters': ['Arthur L. Money'], 'title': 'Meet the FED [ Panel ]'}, {'presenters': ['Xs'], 'title': 'LDAP'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'July 9 - July 11', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Alexis Park Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 1999, 'panels': [{'presenters': ['Feds'], 'title': 'Meet The Fed'}, {'presenters': ['Sarah Gordon'], 'title': 'Viruses On (and Off) the Internet'}], 'number': 7, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['CdC'], 'title': 'Cult of the Dead Cow - BO2K!'}, {'presenters': ['Ira Winkler'], 'title': 'The Myths Associated with Hiring Hackers'}, {'presenters': ['Ian Goldberg'], 'title': 'Using the Internet Pseudonymously: One Year Later'}, {'presenters': ['Jason Scott'], 'title': "TEXTFILES, G-PHILES, AND LOG FILES: Remembering the 1980's Through ASCII"}, {'presenters': ['John Q. Newman'], 'title': 'Personal Privacy and Big Brother Databases'}, {'presenters': ['Cyber'], 'title': 'How To Use BSD To Setup A Firewall/Gateway'}, {'presenters': ['Freaky'], 'title': 'Introduction to Macintosh Security'}, {'presenters': ['Prof. Feedlebom'], 'title': 'Followup on Micropower Radio'}, {'presenters': ['Dr. Byte'], 'title': 'IPv6: Who/What/When/Where/How/Why'}, {'presenters': ['V1RU5', 'Stephen Wadlow', 'Gurney Halleck', '*Hobbit*'], 'title': 'Lock Picking Explored'}, {'presenters': ['Craig H. Rowland'], 'title': 'How To Be Aware of Security Problems On Your Network'}, {'presenters': ['Steven Alexander'], 'title': 'Firewalls: Trends and Problem'}, {'presenters': ['Robert Lupo'], 'title': 'Introduction to Computer Viruses'}, {'presenters': ['Steve Mann'], 'title': 'Inventor of The So-called "Wearable Computer"'}, {'presenters': ['Cyber'], 'title': 'How To Set Up A Firewall With xBSD O/S'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Shipley'], 'title': 'Intro to TCP/IP Exploits'}, {'presenters': ['Gh0st'], 'title': 'Phreaking and PBX Tricks'}, {'presenters': ['Dead Addict'], 'title': 'Currency Systems, Credit Systems and Associations'}, {'presenters': ['Winn Schwartau'], 'title': 'HERF Guns, EMP Bombs and Weapons of Mass Disruption (UnClassified)'}, {'presenters': ['Deanna Peugeot'], 'title': 'Embedded Systems Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['R'], 'title': 'The Defcon Proxy Server'}, {'presenters': ['Mr Phillip', 'J. Loranger'], 'title': 'The Ethics/Morality/Practicality/Patriotism of Hacking'}, {'presenters': ['Angus Blitter'], 'title': 'Fear and Loathing in Cyberspace: The Art and Science of Enemy Profiling'}, {'presenters': ['Daremoe'], 'title': 'The Firewall Appliance: Friend or Foe?'}, {'presenters': ['Gail Thackeray'], 'title': "Maricopa Count Prosecutor, AZ & Kevin Higgins - Nevada Attorney General's Office"}, {'presenters': ['James Jorasch'], 'title': 'Hacking Las Vegas'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Stephenson'], 'title': 'Introduction to Cyber Forensic Analysis.'}, {'presenters': ['Tom'], 'title': 'Security Problems Associated with Client-side Scripting in Popular Web-based Services'}, {'presenters': ['Kevin Poulsen', 'Jennifer Grannick'], 'title': 'The Legalities and Practicalities of Searches and Interrogations'}, {'presenters': ['Vic Vandal'], 'title': 'Hacking Oracle 101'}, {'presenters': ['David Sobel'], 'title': 'Internet Anonymity Under Assault: The \'John Doe\' Lawsuits"'}, {'presenters': ['Rooster'], 'title': 'Insecurities in Networking Devices'}, {'presenters': ['Jonathan Wignall'], 'title': 'Extra Border Hacking - How a Company Can Be Hacked Without the Hacker Ever Picking on That Companies Machine'}, {'presenters': ['Mojo'], 'title': 'Hacking Windows Registries and Shares'}, {'presenters': ['Swift'], 'title': 'IP V.6 Overview'}, {'presenters': ['M0dify'], 'title': 'Introduction to Scanning'}, {'presenters': ['Techno Pagan'], 'title': 'Radio and Computers'}, {'presenters': ['Punkis'], 'title': 'Introduction to TCP/IP'}, {'presenters': ['Martinez'], 'title': 'Hackers and The Media, a Love Hate Thing'}, {'presenters': ['Reznor'], 'title': 'How To Use BO2K'}, {'presenters': ['Parekh'], 'title': 'Crypto Tales'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'July 31 - August 2', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Plaza Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 1998, 'panels': [{'presenters': ['Brian Martin', 'Gale Katz', 'Route', 'Ejovi Nuwere', 'Mudge', 'Alhambra', '*hobbit*', 'Anthony Eufemio'], 'title': 'Securing Distributed Systems [ Panel Discussion ] Q&A on intrusion detection (ID) system, NOS, protocol and security utilities.'}], 'number': 6, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['The L0pht'], 'title': "The L0pht's TCP/IP Drinking Game"}, {'presenters': ['Unknown'], 'title': 'Secret Scientology Update'}, {'presenters': ['Krusty'], 'title': 'The "Who Are You Anyway?" Social engineering contest rules, and review'}, {'presenters': ['DT'], 'title': 'Capture the Flag III'}, {'presenters': ['Winn Schwartau'], 'title': 'Hacker Jeopardy'}, {'presenters': ['Richard Thieme'], 'title': "The More Things Change The More They Don't: Soft Destruction and the Ancient Wisdom of Hacking"}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Schneier'], 'title': 'Tradecraft on Public Networks'}, {'presenters': ['Ian Goldberg'], 'title': 'Cryptanalysis of the GSM Identification Algorithm'}, {'presenters': ['Jennifer Granick'], 'title': 'A Review of Several Major Computer Crime Cases from the Past Year or Two'}, {'presenters': ['Ira Winkler'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['CdC'], 'title': 'Cult of the Dead Cow: The announcement of Back Orfice, DirectXploit, and the modular ButtPlugins for BO'}, {'presenters': ['Mike Peros'], 'title': 'Massive Illegal Wiretapping Exposed'}, {'presenters': ['Winn Schwartau'], 'title': 'Introducing the Time Based Security Model and Applying Military Strategies to Network and Infrastructural Securitues'}, {'presenters': ['Paul Kocher'], 'title': 'Designer of the EPIC DES Cracker'}, {'presenters': ['Austin Hill', 'Ian Goldberg'], 'title': 'Zero-Knowledge Systems will release the First Complete Internet Privacy Utility for Consumers in September 1998.'}, {'presenters': ['John Q. Newman'], 'title': 'The Lastest in Paper Tripping, False Identity, and How to REALLY Not Be Found'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Veeneman'], 'title': 'Future & Existing Satellite Systems'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Shipley'], 'title': 'An Overview of a 2 year Effort in Massive Multi-modem Wardialing'}, {'presenters': ['Super Dave'], 'title': 'Copyright vs. Freedom of Speech'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'July 11 - July 13', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Aladdin Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 1997, 'number': 5, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['CdC'], 'title': 'Cult of the Dead Cow'}, {'presenters': ['Voice of Murcury'], 'title': 'Live pirate radio update and announcement.'}, {'presenters': ['DT'], 'title': 'The Capture the Flag Contest and beer updated'}, {'presenters': ['Bruce Schneier'], 'title': 'Why Cryptography Is Harder Than It Looks'}, {'presenters': ['Mudge', 'Hobbit'], 'title': 'The system administrator from the L0pht and the author of netcat in action!'}, {'presenters': ['Cyber'], 'title': 'An Overview and Explanation of Publically Available Crypto-tools'}, {'presenters': ['Sameer Parekh'], 'title': 'Why Cryptography is Harder Than it Looks, Part two'}, {'presenters': ['Se7en'], 'title': 'What the Feds Think of us Hackers.'}, {'presenters': ['Ken Kumasawa'], 'title': 'Teledesign Management - Phreaking in the 90s - The perspective from the industry.'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Veeneman'], 'title': 'Low Earth Orbit Satellites'}, {'presenters': ['Ira Winkler'], 'title': 'Lamer Test'}, {'presenters': ['Clovis'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Wrangler'], 'title': 'Packet Sniffing'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'July 26 - July 28', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 1996, 'number': 4, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['Richard Thieme'], 'title': 'The symbiotic relationship between networked computers and humans -- a dialectic constituting a rising spiral of mutual transformation'}, {'presenters': ['Ira Winkler'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Hack the Lies'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['John Q. Newman'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Stephen Cobb'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Emmanuel Goldstien'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Attitude Adjuster'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ["The Joker''s Joke"], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['The Institution'], 'title': 'no title'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'August 4 - August 6', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Tropicana Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 1995, 'number': 3, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['Bruce Schneier'], 'title': 'Issues Surrounding Cryptography, Digital Authentication, and Digital Cash'}, {'presenters': ['Winn Schwartau'], 'title': 'Information Warfare, the Year in Review'}, {'presenters': ['Robert Steele'], 'title': 'Why Hackers Should be Considered a National Asset'}, {'presenters': ['Jim Settle'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Curtis Karnow'], 'title': 'Agents in The Telecommunications Context, and "Smart" Software That We \'Trust\' To Do The Right Thing'}, {'presenters': ['Susan Thunder'], 'title': 'Social Engineering and Psychological Subversion of Trusted Systems'}, {'presenters': ['Theora'], 'title': 'Survey of IRC Girrrlz,'}, {'presenters': ['John Q. Newman'], 'title': 'The paper trail of identity documents and what you can do about it. General Q&A'}, {'presenters': ['Mr. Evil'], 'title': 'A short Talk on Mag Stripe Reader/Writers and Concerns Surrounding Credit Card Fraud'}, {'presenters': ['Glenn Campbell'], 'title': 'Q & A, Overview of Governmental Activities and Stuff Surrounding Area-51'}, {'presenters': ['Oscar Meyer'], 'title': 'Carefully Consider Your intentions Before Embarking Down The Road of Serious Hacking. How far are you willing to go?'}, {'presenters': ['Stephen Cobb', 'NCSA'], 'title': "The Party's Over: Why Hacking Sucks"}, {'presenters': ['Peter Shipley'], 'title': 'Security Auditing + Panel of Oscar Meyer, Mel, Bin High?'}, {'presenters': ['Deth Vegetable'], 'title': "Why the Media Sucks and Why It Doesn't Pay To Mess with Mr. T"}, {'presenters': ['The Dark Knight'], 'title': 'European Scene Update'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'June 22 - June 24', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'The Sahara Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 1994, 'number': 2, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['Phil Zimmermann'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Gail Thackeray'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Curtis Karnow'], 'title': '"Recombinant Culture: Crime In The Digital Network."'}, {'presenters': ['Judi Clark'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Theora'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Chris Hall'], 'title': 'Excellent War Stories from Past Investigations'}, {'presenters': ['Steven Dunnifer'], 'title': 'The state of Pirate Radio and on Battling the FCC'}, {'presenters': ['Winn Schwartau'], 'title': 'Overview of Tempest and VanEck Shielding and Radiation'}, {'presenters': ['Padgett Peterson'], 'title': 'Anti Virus Programming, or, "Cleaning Up After Other People\'s Messes"'}, {'presenters': ['Mark Lottor'], 'title': 'Mark Will Talk About Hacking Cellular Phones'}, {'presenters': ['Winn Schwartau'], 'title': 'High Energy, Radio Frequency (HERF) and Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Weapons and Technology'}, {'presenters': ['Torquie'], 'title': "The European Hacking Community and 'Scene'"}, {'presenters': ['Dr. Mark Ludwig'], 'title': 'The First Annual Virus Creation Awards, and What To Do When The Feds Come'}, {'presenters': ['Peter Buruk'], 'title': 'What the Software Protection Agency (SPA) Does, Its Charter, and What Its Member Companies Want'}, {'presenters': ['White Knight'], 'title': 'WK reveals illegal FBI wire tap activity'}, {'presenters': ['Unknown'], 'title': 'Computer Warriors!'}, {'presenters': ['Damien Thorn'], 'title': 'no title'}, {'presenters': ['Artimage'], 'title': 'Artimage closes down the convention:'}]}, {'website': '', 'dates': 'June 9 - June 11', 'location': {'Country': 'USA', 'Hotel': 'Sands Hotel & Casino', 'City': 'Las Vegas'}, 'year': 1993, 'number': 1, 'presentations': [{'presenters': ['Ray Kaplan'], 'title': 'To Hack or Not to Hack, That Is Not The Question'}, {'presenters': ['Judi Clark'], 'title': 'Computer Privacy, 1st Ammendment, Gender Roles and Discrimination'}, {'presenters': ['Dan Farmer'], 'title': 'Sun Microsystems: Future Developements In UNIX Security Software, General Q&A on UNIX security. Announcement of his idea for SATAN'}, {'presenters': ['Gail Thackeray'], 'title': 'none'}, {'presenters': ['Mark Ludwig'], 'title': 'Virus Developements and Concerns'}, {'presenters': ['Dead Addict'], 'title': 'The Future of the Underground. In light of the "new" internet, windows, and networking, what is the scene coming to?'}, {'presenters': ['Curtis Karnow'], 'title': 'The Law, and It\'s Intersection with Virtual Reality, and Liability in "Simulated" Environments and Worlds'}]}]}
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